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Could you be several bra sizes?

Your bra size may change, due to a number of factors

03 March 2017

We all think we know our bra size don’t we? But do you ever find that sometimes you buy a new bra in that size and it’s not quite right? Or even that the same bra can feel fine most of the time but occasionally feel too tight (or too loose)?

You’re not alone and there are a few reasons for this. The main 3 are as follows:

1. There can be differences in sizing from different bra brands. Just as clothing can vary from shop to shop, so can bras so while the size you normally buy from one brand is fine, it may not be the case that the same size will fit from another

2. There can be differences across bra styles, even from the same brand. Some styles will be more suited to your body so you may find that while a balcony bra in your size is great for you, a full cup one may not fit quite the same, and so on. Even the fabric will have an influence as a soft jersey will be more flexible than something more structured

3. Your body changes all the time. Things like weight gain or loss will certainly affect your bra size but shorter term, temporary fluctuations will also have an impact, such as your menstrual cycle. The ageing process will also change things over time; your breasts may not get any bigger but you will usually require more support in your bra as you get older and almost certainly after you’ve had children

So what can you do?

The fact that you’re not the same size all of the time can make bra shopping more difficult but rather than squeezing yourself into ill-fitting bras because you refuse to deviate from that one prescribed size doesn’t make much sense either. Research suggests that around a third of women regularly wear the wrong size bra.

Certainly get a professional bra fitting; that is a good place to start, but accept that it will only give you an accurate snapshot of your size on that day. You then really need to get to know your body. Why not make a note of how your bra feels each day over the space of a month.  Many women find that their breasts are sore and bigger when they’re menstruating or ovulating. You should also try a range of styles and of sizes. This may even require you to order a number of bras to see how they fit, with the expectation of returning quite a few.

This might seem like a bit of a laborious process but you will fairly quickly get a much better understanding of your body and what you should eventually aim to end up with is a range of bras in different sizes/styles that you know will all fit you, albeit some only at certain times of the month.

Why bother doing this?

Back pain, sore shoulders, aching boobs and posture problems can all be brought about by something as simple as your bra not fitting properly. That’s why it’s worth investing in ones that are just right for you. A well-fitting bra will also give you great shape and avoid double boob and back fat bulge!

Why not start by ordering the same bra in a number of sizes or a range of styles in the same size? You will see exactly what we mean when you try them and you may actually be quite shocked by the difference. And don’t be embarrassed to go up a cup size. Many women stick to a D or DD cup because they don’t want to face up to that ‘big bra’ territory and yet, their shape would be much more flattering, and their bobs would actually look smaller, if they bought the size that fit them best.

We have a wide range of styles and of sizes on the site so have a good browse. You may also find it useful to check our bra fitting guide.

Reader Comments

Read your article and it's so true. I've lost weight and gone down a full dress size so will be taking this opportunity to get a new bra. Followed your size guide and hey presto got a starting point. Thanks.
Written by Susan Monkhouse, 8th March 2017 at 18:41:00
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