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Searching for the perfect bra? We know it can be tough to find the right style of bra for you, so our team of lingerie experts have put together this bra style guide to help you get the ideal bra for your bust. There are so many different bra styles out there but with the right guidance and knowledge, you can nail it every time you go online bra shopping. No matter your boob shape, cup size or band size, we have a bra solution for you. If you need help making sure your bra fits then check out our bra fitting guide here > If not, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about bra styles.

balcony bra shop now

Balcony Bras

Balcony bras are a very popular bra style due to the natural uplift it brings you. Balcony bras are usually underwired and designed to give even the fuller bust great support. The balcony style will boost your bust upwards from the bottom to create a fuller-looking chest and perky boobs. This is ideal if you are wearing a low cut top and really want to show off your best assets. Balcony bras usually have either a sweetheart neckline or a more straight across cut. The straps are set wider meaning they are unlikely to be seen under your clothing. Balcony bras can offer you good coverage whilst still feeling a little seductive. You will get less coverage than a full cup bra.

Belle lingerie offers so many balcony bras so it can be tough to even know where to start. But one of our best sellers is the Panache Tango balcony bra. This is incredibly popular with women of all bust sizes thanks to the support, shaping it creates and subtle everyday design. Or why not try the Curvy Kate Top Spot Balcony Bra. The mixture of sheer fabrics and stunning polka dot detailing, leaves you looking unique. Curvy Kate will never disappoint when it comes to supporting the fuller bust so give it a go!

full cup bras shop now

Full Cup Bras

Searching for the perfect everyday bra? A full cup could be the answer, especially for the larger cup sizes where a little more support is needed. Essentially a full cup bra does what it says on the tin. The cups provide full coverage, meaning your bust should be fully encased and supported by the fabric. A full cup bra can bring you everyday support without compromising on comfort. Full cup bras are often underwired to give you lift and sometimes have a wide back band to help ease the pressure on your shoulders. Full cup bras don't have to look frumpy, just because they give you some modesty. Belle Lingerie stock a wide variety of stylish and flattering full cup bras, ideal for all bust shapes. Whether you want a bargain bra or a luxury item, Belle Lingerie has a full cup bra to suit your needs.

The Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra is one of our best sellers and has been for a while now. The quality of the material and the eye for detail in this bra is to die for. This bra has a sophisticated and elegant design with stunning embroidery on the top of the cup. You really do get both style and support from Prima Donna. The Panache Envy Full Cup is another popular bra of this style. The stretch lace moulds to your curves whilst the shaping capabilities give you a lovely uplift. Check out the entire full cup bra range and upgrade your everyday lingerie today.

t-shirt bras shop now

T-shirt Bras

A t-shirt bra is another great everyday lingerie option that we believe is an underwear essential. If you wear t-shirts then you need a t-shirt bra in your lingerie drawer. T-shirt bras are designed to be seamless and smooth to ensure they cannot be seen under tight-fitting or thin material. This bra style is the perfect simple solution for every day. The style will usually be quite simple and plain, so no extravagant details or lace/embroidery covering the cups. The cups will be smooth and seam-free. Usually, t-shirt bras give you good coverage as they are designed to be practical rather than seductive. A t-shirt bra probably won't be part of your sexy underwear collection but it will become your 'go to' bra for work or doing the school run. T-shirt bras are easy to wear, comfy and lightweight.

The Panache Porcelain Elan T-shirt Bra is a great choice for a simple and practical everyday look. The cups and the back band are smooth with a sleek and shiny finish. This is a popular item so get your hands on this everyday bra collection. We also recommend the Curvy Kate Smoothie Moulded T-Shirt Bra, particularly for the fuller bust. This bra is designed to be invisible under even the tightest tee but still give you great shape with a comfy moulded cup. This bra is underwired and has an extra-wide back band to help you feel supported. Triumph, Pour Moi, Royce and Wonderbra are also great for the everyday t-shirt bra. Or why not try a bra from your favourite designer brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. All available right here on Belle Lingerie.

plunge bras shop now

Plunge Bras

If you want to show off your cleavage or wear a low cut top, plunge bras are the bra style for you. Plunge bras have a low plunging neckline that exposes the centre of your chest. The band can sometimes sit lower allowing for an elongated look. The deep v is very flattering for a lot of bust shapes and sizes. Pretty much anyone can wear a plunge bra and look fantastic. Plunge bras can offer you good support despite them giving you less overall coverage. Like most bra styles there are different levels of support. You will find plunge bras with underwire and padding or soft plunge bras that give you little to no shaping so you can show off your natural shape with confidence.

The other great thing about plunge bras is that they often have a high apex and a triangular-shaped cup. This is perfect for people with a lot of breast tissue at the bottom of the breasts. The shape of a plunge bra pulls and lifts your bust and the added fabric near the collar bone ensure there is no gaping at the top of the cups. The Panache Ana Plunge Bra is a popular one for everyday style and support. The semi-sheer fabric creates an elegant and attractive finish whilst the shaping seams give your bust a nice rounded shape. The Charnos Rhapsody Plunge Bra is another great choice for everyday wear. The opaque fabric and lace give you modesty but the cut, underwire and mesh wings create fantastic support.

padded bras shop now

Padded Bras

Padded bras are a tricky one to understand as there are so many different styles out there. Every bra style you can think of will have a padded version. That means padded full cups, padded balcony bras, padded plunge bras ... the list goes on. So padded bras don't have a particular look or style. Essentially a padded bra will not be sheer, it will be opaque with a soft material under the outer fabric to keep you feeling comfy and covered. There are essentially 2 types of padding. The light and thin padding is simply there for your comfort and modesty. Or there is heavier padding that is designed to enhance your cleavage. Padding is definitely on a scale from light to extreme and every brand will use different levels of padding for different reasons.

The amount of padding you choose is really about your own preference. If you are happy with your natural bust shape and size then opt for light padding. If you need a boost or a lot of shaping to find your desired effect, then look for something with heavier padding. The Wonderbra Fabulous Feel Padded Bra is a great one to enhance your cleavage and gain a little welcome boost. Combined with the plunging neckline, you are all set to shine. Or why not try the Triumph Amourette 300 WHP Bra for lightweight and comfy padding. This bra is perfect for everyday wear and subtle shaping.

push up bra shop now

Push Up Bras

Looking for an extreme boost from your bra? Then give a push-up bra a try. This bra style is known for enhancing your bust size and your cleavage. Push up bras are padded as they contain heavy padding usually at the base of the bra. This wedge of material physically lifts your breast tissue. to create a fuller effect. Push up padding can be at the base or even at the side of the cup. This acts to push your boobs inwards to again enhance your cleavage. This is ideal if you have bottom-heavy boobs and want to lift them up to create a perkier look. Whether you want a slight lift or an extreme boost, you will find a push-up bra perfect for you, here on Belle Lingerie.

Wonderbra is by far, one of the most popular brands for push up bras. The range of Wonderbra push up bras is extensive, with styles, shapes and colours to suit everyone. Try the Wonderbra Refined Glamour Push Up Bra for a cheeky boost with extreme push up padding at the bottom of the cup. The popular triangle shape accentuates the cleavage further and creates a flattering waterfall effect. After Eden is another great lingerie brand when it comes to lifting those boobs. After Eden bras are designed with the smaller bust in mind so can feature extreme padding to enhance the size and create the illusion of a bigger bust. This brand loves to use gel padding for a comfortable but effective lift.

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