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Sports bra buying guide


belle lingerie sports bra buying guide

Finding the perfect fitting sports bra can be difficult, but if you know exactly what type of sports bra you should be looking for it can make your search a lot easier. Every woman should have a sports bra in their lingerie drawer as you just never know when you might need one, even activities such as walking can require one. It is important to wear a sports bra regardless of your breast size but the bigger your bust the more you will need to wear one as you will require more support.  


Why Is It So Important To Wear A Sports Bra

So why is it so important to wear a sports bra when exercising? During physical activity a women’s chest moves considerably, probably a lot more than you may originally think. The breasts generally move in a figure-of-8 pattern which means they will be moving up and down, left to right and forwards and backwards and as you can imagine, this will not be doing your breasts any favours. Breasts are made from fatty tissue which is supported by ligaments and these stretch over time, particularly if you are exercising and not getting the correct support. Wearing a sports bra cannot eliminate this all together but wearing one during exercise will slow the process down.

It is so important that you make sure you get the correct fit when buying a sports as if it is slightly too big it won’t be able to give you the correct support you need or prevent chest movement. We would advise that you find a sports bra that comes in regular bra sizes as this way you will be able to find a more accurate fit.

There are a variety of sports bras available and these all come with different levels of support. Below is a guide to show you what level of support you will need for different activities. All of our sports bra have been designed to give you moderate to maximum support but if you do have any questions about a specific brand or item our customer service team will be happy to answer any queries.

Sports Bra Support Guide
belle lingerie sports bra buying guide

The Perfect Fit

When purchasing a sports bra we always recommend that you try your bra size first but because different brands and ranges can vary in size, you may find you need a different size. The best way to ensure you have the correct fit is to follow our top sports bra fitting tips which can be seen in the diagram below.  


belle lingerie sports bra buying guide fitting advice


If you place two fingers between the strap and your skin there should be a 1-2 inch gap.


Your breast should be fully covered by the cups of the sports bra.


The underband should be firm and level the whole way around your body and should only have a 1-2 inch gap.


If the straps are digging into your shoulders or leaving red marks loosen them until you achieve the perfect fit and comfort.


If you have too much of a cleavage or your breasts feel squished the cup size is probably too small! If you see any wrinkling or gaping in the cup then the cup size is probably too big.


If the underband rides up at the back the sports bra is too big and you need to reduce the band size.

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