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What bra helps to reduce back fat?

3 essential tips to smooth out those bulges!

06 February 2017

Many of us have areas of our bodies that we’re not comfortable with and wearing clever underwear can really help to minimise these. A customer recently asked our advice for the best bra to reduce the appearance of back fat. This can be a common problem but the good news is that there are definitely bras (and other underwear items) that can make a big difference.

Here are our 3 top tips for reducing the appearance of back fat:

  1. More coverage
    Go for fuller cups and thicker straps to provide greater coverage. Thin straps and low cut cups are more likely to dig into soft flesh and create distinct bra lines through your clothes. The laws of physics dictate that if you push into one place, you will bulge out somewhere else! Wider straps cover a wider surface area so you’re less likely to create that pronounced bulge. Options include side support or longline bras as well as full cup and shaping bras.

  2. Don’t be tempted to go looser!
    While certainly a bra that is too tight will accentuate back fat, don’t be tempted to go up a back size to make your bra loose. You may not realise this but 90% of your bra’s support is in the band. If it’s too loose it will ride up your back and not provide the support that you need in the cups. Apply the 2 finger rule: you should be able to use 2 fingers to skim snugly inside the band. If you can wiggle them around, it’s too loose. If you can’t get your fingers in or you can but can’t move them, it’s too tight.

  3. Combine with a chemise or shapewear
    If you follow the first 2 tips then your bra will do a lot of the work but if you’d like just a little extra help you can layer over a camisole or chemise to smooth out your whole back area. Choose a snug fitting style to level out any little bulges and avoid the VBL (visible bra line). You could also consider some shapewear. A ‘wear your own bra’ torsette can offer you the best of both worlds. It’s a body shaper with straps (thus avoiding the perilous ‘roll down’ effect!) that sits under your bra and smooths your whole torso section. You can buy some really pretty ones these days so you don’t look like you’re wearing your grandma’s girdle!

Any body hang up, and we all have them, can make you self-conscious and uncomfortable in your skin. Employing a few little tricks, such as those mentioned above, will make you look better and, perhaps more importantly, feel better. We’ve told you the ‘how’ so it’s only right that we show you the ‘what’: the following are a few favourites from our collection that do a great job at tackling back fat, but also take a look at our full cup bras, side support bras, shaping bras and body shapers for even more options.

Wacoal Basic Beauty Full Figure Bra

Wacoal Awareness Seamless Bra


Wacoal Retro Chic Full Figure Bra

Maidenform Easy Up WYOB Control Torsette

Wacoal Embrace Lace Chemise

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