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What Underwear To Wear On Your Wedding Day

The wedding bells are ringing and we're so excited for you! Let us help you find the perfect lingerie for your big day!

Belle-Lingerie03 December 2022


What Underwear To Wear On Your Wedding Day

The Perfect Wedding Lingerie

If you're reading this blog then you're probably due to be getting married sometime soon. If not, then you're just a lingerie lover and we're here for that too. For those of you who are anxiously getting closer to one of the biggest days of your life, you've probably had an idea of the kind of dress you're going to be wearing ever since you became engaged. Dress shopping for your wedding is one of the most sentimental and special points of our lives, and we think about it in great detail. 

However, one important part of your wedding outfit that you might not have thought about much is your bridal lingerie. Lingerie is something that can make us feel empowered, confident, and sexy. These are great things to feel on your wedding day, so it’s good to think about what lingerie you should be wearing under that much-loved dress. 

We're here at Belle Lingerie to make everyone and anyone feel confident in their lingerie and we want to make the decision process for you as simple as possible. After all, planning a wedding can be very stressful. So, sit back, relax and continue to read on for more information on why and which lingerie you should be wearing for your big day.

What Underwear To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

Choosing the perfect bridal lingerie is crucial to you feeling your best all day. The type of underwear that’s right for your big day will depend on the dress you’ve chosen, as different styles of underwear lend themselves to being invisible under different dress designs. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

A White Or Nude Thong Or Briefs

The main thing to think about when it comes to pants is whether or not your chosen style will lead to visible panty lines when you’re wearing your dress. If your dress has a loose, puffy skirt, this likely won’t be a problem, but form-fitting bodycon dresses can show more than you bargained for if you don’t plan ahead. Thongs and briefs are good options to keep panty lines to a minimum. You’ll want to pick a soft and gentle fabric that won’t create bumps underneath your dress of choice. 

Next, consider the colour of your underwear and how it might show up under your dress. If possible, try to opt for a nude shade that matches your skin tone, as this will help to make it difficult for anyone to notice any colour differences showing through the dress. If nude isn’t an option, opt for white instead, so your underwear will match your beautiful wedding dress.

If your dress is backless, consider how far down your back it goes. Some backless dresses go to the bottom of the rib cage, but if yours goes down to the small of your back or lower, you may need to avoid wearing high-waisted underwear under your dress. 

A White Balcony Bra

Once you’ve picked out your pants, it’s time to make a decision about bras. This area is typically more restrictive depending on the type of neckline your wedding dress has - anything that would peek out from your dress isn’t an option. Choosing the right bra for your wedding day can be even harder than picking one for daily use, with extra pressure to get one that looks great while maintaining good support.

A white or nude balcony bra can be an excellent choice if your wedding dress has straps or sleeves. This type of bra is perfect for an elegant bridal look with a low neckline, with plenty of support to keep you comfortable all day long.

A White Half-Cup Bra

Half-cup bras are soft, and supportive and keep bulk to a minimum, making it sleek and discreet under the most delicate of dresses. Choose a white or nude half-cup bra to make it even harder to spot and you’re sure to look amazing throughout the wedding. This type of bra is very versatile, so you’ll be able to wear it again and again with fond memories of your special day.

A Strapless Basque Or Corset

Basques, bodies, and corsets offer more form-sculpting support than bras do alone, which means they can help to make your body look its best in your wedding dress. As they cover more of your body, basques are usually more noticeable under thinner, more delicate dresses. They are best suited to more substantial dresses and can offer excellent support for strapless outfits by giving you a flattering silhouette. 

This type of underwear comes in a range of designs with various embellishments and decorative additions meaning you’re sure to find one that suits you. Don’t be put off if your dress is backless - you can get backless basques to match your wedding dress too. 

A White Strapless Bra

If a basque isn’t for you, but your dress means you can’t have straps, why not consider a white or nude strapless bra? These offer a wealth of support and comfort while maintaining a sleek and elegant silhouette perfect for your wedding day. Many strapless bras feature silicon dots on the inside of cups to prevent slippage, meaning you can have confidence you won’t experience any wardrobe malfunctions as the day goes on.

Nude shapewear

Nude shapewear is another great option that, like basques and corsets, offers wider coverage. However, shapewear is designed to be as sleek as possible to minimise visibility under delicate or silky wedding dresses. Shapewear is also made to be exceedingly comfortable and supportive to keep you looking and feeling amazing.

No Bra!

Another option you may not have considered is the option to go braless on your wedding day. This is an attractive choice for those wearing backless dresses and can be an excellent way to streamline your bridalwear if you don’t need the extra support a bra provides. In certain cases, support might not even be necessary, as some wedding dresses offer support in the bust for the very purpose of allowing you to go braless.

What Bra Should I Wear Under A Backless Wedding Dress?

Backless wedding dresses look amazing and can make for an abundance of elegance when it comes to photos on your big day. However, they can pose a problem when you begin considering what you’re going to wear under them. 

The first thing to do is consider the design of the dress. Does it have a supportive bust? If so, you might not need a bra at all. Alternatively, a backless basque may be the best choice to give you maximum support and comfort while maintaining that sleek, sophisticated look. Don’t forget to look at how low the back goes so you can decide whether or not high-waisted underwear is a good idea. You can even try asking your bridalwear assistant at the fitting which types of undergarments go best with your chosen dress.

Every wedding dress is different and so is every bride, so there’s no one size fits all approach to choosing the right underwear for your wedding day. With these tips, though, you should be a little closer to making the best decision for your special occasion.




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