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Bra Storage Hacks

How to organise your lingerie drawer

Belle Lingerie02 April 2021

bra storage hacks


Let’s be honest for the price we pay on lingerie we want it to last. Lingerie can be pricey especially for our big boobed ladies or if you want to treat yourself to something luxurious. Here at Belle Lingerie, we want you to enjoy your lingerie as long as possible, so we are pleading with you that you store your lingerie properly. We have pulled together some bra storage hacks to get you started. Let’s get your new Belle lingerie bras lasting as long as possible in the best condition.

You may be an organisational fanatic or love the look of organised wardrobes but just don’t know where to start, well this blog will hopefully help. Most women have bras in their closets, but most don’t know how to store them right. When you’ve bought all your bra essentials you want to be able to see them and have them at the ready. If you are not sure which types of bras you definitely need in your collection check out this blog >

Bunging your bras into the drawer may suit some people but why not use these storage hacks to be able to see your bras and make them last. With 4 quick and easy bra storage hacks, you’ll be on your way to becoming the next Marie Kondo.



1. Dedicate Space

Starting with padded bras. It is common for women to fold one cup into another. However, that can quickly destroy the moulding and your bra will become a bit lumpy and bumpy and certainly won’t give you that rounded desired shape anymore. Our storage hack would be dedicating a whole drawer or a big section of a drawer. You can then lay your bras out and layer your padded bras into each other. It looks organised and means you can see your full selection when you need to pick one out.

2. Buy Dividers

Within your lingerie drawers, a big underwear storage hack is buying dividers. You can get wooden or plastic dividers from many stores and they will be handy for separating all your lingerie. Separating your lingerie will not only help your bras look nice but will stop your knickers from snagging on your bra hooks. Dividers are commonly adjustable so you can customise the spacing depending on how big your bras are. Dividers can also be a great hack for non-padded bras so you can have them all separated individually.

3. Hang your Bras Up

If you’ve not got that full drawer available, why not hang your bras. We bet you’ve never thought you could make a nice feature out of your sexy bras and have multiple bras hanging on a hanger in your wardrobe. By hanging them they will keep their shape and will free up your lingerie drawer for all your briefs.

4. Use Baskets

If you don’t have room in drawers or your wardrobe, why not buy cute hanging baskets? Hanging baskets could let you hang your bras on the back of your door or on a shelf. Get a basket to suit your décor and no-one would need to know how many bras you have.


You might be doing a spring clear out or just feeling in an organising mood but whatever, it is always good to look after your bras and find the best storage hacks to suit you. Some women have a large collection of bras and some have the essential, no matter how many or how few bras you have if you look after them, they will last. And even better once you’ve organised them, you’ll realise you probably need to buy a few more bras from Belle Lingerie.

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