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Everyday Lingerie: What Bra Should I Wear For Work?

What bra should I wear for work?

Belle Lingerie05 March 2019

What bra should I wear for work is a question we ask ourselves constantly, but is it really so difficult to find a bra that offers all day comfort, without compromising on style? Absolutely not! We are here to offer simplicity, because finding and buying your everyday basics should be… simple.

We have a vast selection of womens lingerie and womens underwear to suit everyone. Ranging from sizes 28-52, we also have a beautiful range of plus size lingerie to cater for the fuller figure. From lace lingerie to block colour, you can rest assured knowing that our ladies lingerie is both stylish and comfortable, to ensure you feel confident throughout the day.


What bra should I wear for an office job?

Often, white shirts are a go-to for the office role, but perhaps you’ve found yourself shying away from them for fear of your bra showing through. The answer? Moulded bras! With moulded cups that are often seam-free, our moulded bras not only offer strong support and excellent shape, but they also help to reduce show-through underneath white shirts, so you can head to the office with a spring in your step!

Shop our selection of moulded bras HERE.


If you’re not a fan of moulded bras, nude bras or beige bras are equally a fantastic fix! As these shades are skin-like, they are almost invisible underneath lighter shirts, making them the perfect option for summer workwear.

Shop our selection of nude/beige bras HERE.


If you crave comfort and you just want a comfortable bra to wear to work, have you considered non-wired bras? Although the absence of wiring often gives the impression of a lack of support, it’s a total misconception. Our non-wired bras are still ideal for everyday wear and often feature an under-bust band to ensure support in the place of underwiring. If you’re someone who struggles with the wire in your bra digging in, then a non-wired bra could be the perfect solution!

Shop our selection of non-wired bras HERE.


If you’re all about shape and uplift, our stunning selection of shapewear for women has got you covered! From contour bras, which gently boost and enhance cleavage to shaping strapless bras, which offer a stunning shape without the complications of straps, our shaping bras are ideal if you want to make the office your catwalk and ensure all eyes are on you.

Shop our selection of shaping bras HERE.


What bra should I wear for a retail job?

We all know that retail is one of the busiest and demanding job roles there is. With bustling stores and an intense atmosphere, the last thing you need to be worrying about is an uncomfortable bra! With back, shoulder and neck pain taking its toll, it’s important to ensure you are wearing the correct bra to prevent any unnecessary strain on your figure.

Our first recommendation would be to invest in a good side support bra. Not only do side support bras offer fantastic forward projection and prevent spilling at the sides, but they also ensure you maintain the correct posture whilst standing at a busy till or tending to general store duties.

Shop our selection of side support bras HERE.


If your retail job is particularly physical, a lighter active bra can work wonders in ensuring you are well-supported and comfortable. Often with lightly moulded cups, our range of active bras usually feature padded straps and a padded hook and eye fastening at the rear, in the interests of achieving optimum comfort. If you are a little curvier, opting for an underwired active bra will ensure strong anchorage and security for your breasts, whilst non-wired active bras are better suited to those with a more petite figure.

Shop our selection of active bras HERE.


What bra should I wear for a physically demanding job?

If your job role entails being on your feet all day, with little time to sit down, then the best choice of bra would also be an active bra. Ranging from lightly active to maximum impact, you can pick a bra that best suits your level of physical activity to reduce breast bounce.

For a warehouse role, we would recommend opting for a moulded sports bra with wider, padded straps to ensure you are well supported throughout the day, with little need for readjustment. In addition, our wide range of sports bras for women often feature built-in moisture reducing fabric technology to help to prevent excessive sweating and discomfort throughout the day.

Shop our selection of sports bras HERE.


If you are still unsure as to which bra is best for your job role, why not browse all our lingerie category to find something suitable?

Shop all lingerie HERE.


We hope this guide has cleared up any questions you may have been facing regarding what bra to wear for work and we would love to hear of any of your personal favourite bras, tips and tricks in the comments below!

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