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Bridal Lingerie 2018 - what to wear under your dress.

Read our bridal lingerie guide to find the best bra for you to wear on your special day!

Belle 01 May 2018

Your wedding is an important day of your life where you want to look good and feel good. You spend months, sometimes years planning the day down to every last detail, the dress, the hair and make-up and the all-important venue. So, when it comes to lingerie leave that stress to us because we know a thing or two about bridal lingerie.  

Newsflash it all depends on the type of dress you're going to wear!

So, we've broke it down by dress style to make it easier for you to choose a bra for your special day. Lingerie is important as it sets the foundation of your outfit, and on a day as important as your wedding you need to ensure it is comfortable, fit for purpose but most of all makes you feel amazing – because we all know what a good lingerie set can do for our moods and confidence! 

Read on to see which bras you should be wearing depending on the different styles of wedding dresses.   

Strapless Dress

A strapless dress means a strapless bra as you definitely don’t want any straps showing! A strapless dress looks elegant and is a style a lot of brides go for, typically smaller busted brides. As a strapless dress calls for a strapless bra many bigger busted brides feel they will be less supported and therefore opt for a different style of dress. Not to worry though – if you are bigger busted and like the idea of wearing a strapless dress choose one of the following bras for great support and hold; 

The Curvy Kate Luxe has excellent support available through to a HH Cup and is one of our most popular strapless bras! Due to the smooth fabric design and size range it's great for those who are looking for hold and also strapless support. The Wacoal Halo Lace is also a fab option which goes up to an E Cup, we recently blogged about its amazingness here. We also have the Rosa Faia Strapless Bra which goes up to a G Cup - what makes this bra great is the smooth fabric and the silicone strips which help the bra stay in place all day ensuring extra support. Other options include the Elomi Maria Strapless Bra which is a gorgeous and luxury range perfect for your wedding day, it features a silky satin fabric and extra firm one way stretch 'leno' back fabric for maximum anchorage and support. We also suggest the Panache Evie Strapless  featuring padded and moulded cups for a great shape and available in up to a H Cup so you can rest assured you'll be supported no matter what your size! 

If you're smaller busted we have a fantastic range of strapless bras for your special day. Our favourite new arrival is the Marie Jo Mai Padded Strapless Longline Bra (shown above) which starts at a B Cup, Marie Jo is a design extraordinaire when it comes to premium lingerie so the Mai range is perfect and definitely worth treating yourself to on your wedding day! For a more budget friendly choice we suggest the Sloggi ZERO Lace one of our newest arrivals featuring padded cups and delicate lace detailing - the smooth fabric ensures it's seamless under clothing. Another great option is the Wonderbra Refined Glamour Lace Ultimate Strapless a gorgeous option featuring an embroidered floral design and available from an A Cup. We also have the Gossard Femme Fatale Bridal Bra which also starts at an A Cup and is part of Gossard's Bridal Lingerie range so you know it will be perfect for your big day!  

Plunge neckline dress  

If you're opting for a plunge style dress depending on how deep the plunge sits we have quite a few options. If the dress has a major plunge which means any kind of bra will be visible at the front we suggest using tape as this will give you the desired shape without the need of a bra. The Freebra of Sweden Lift Up Bra Tape is our top choice and it's also transparent so you avoid the risk of it being visible under your wedding dress. This option is best suited to those under a D Cup as there would be little support for any size above. All you do is secure the tape above your bust to give you the desired shape. If you are small busted and want to go bra free we suggest either the Lift Up Bra Tape or the Freebra Nipple Covers to ensure you are fully covered. 

If your dress has a plunge neckline which isn't too deep and can accommodate a bra we suggest the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge – a great style which gives you support and has one of the deepest plunges we've ever come across! It's available in up to an F Cup so has a good size range. Another option for a plunge dress is the Freya Deco Darling Moulded Plunge Bra available in up to a G Cup it’s a great style and features rose print embroidered detailing which gives it a nice style detail for your big day. We also have the Freya Soiree Lace Padded Plunge Bra - a beautiful new Freya range featuring geometric embroidery and a serious plunge to give you an enhanced cleavage, available in up to a H Cup.

If you are smaller busted we also have quite a few options, we suggest the Wonderbra Refined Glamour Push Up Bra which is great as it is also a push up bra and it gives a fantastic shape. The Wonderbra Refined Glamour features ivory all over lace and an ultra V plunge to give you a true Wonderbra style cleavage! Other options include the Lepel Daisy Padded Plunge Bra designed with ivory embroidery it’s perfect under a wedding dress and again gives a great shape for smaller busts alternatively we have the Triumph Body Make Up Magic Wire Bra which is seamless so can be worn undetected under your wedding dress.  

Traditional Style Dress


If your wedding dress is traditional with full sleeves and a high neck – you can pretty much wear any style of bra as there will be more coverage. This style of dress is the most accommodating to bras and if this is your style then we suggest going for something which will give you a good shape and great support. With this style of dress you are looking for a few key things - firstly taking your dress into account you need something which has a simple design - as you don't want any bumps such as thick embroidery to show through. You also need something which gives you a good shape, wedding dress fabric tends to be heavy and can weigh you down so you need something which will give you lift and an overall projected shape. 

With this is mind one of our favourite options for brides is the Elomi Maria Multi-way bra which features silky satin fabric and a great design. The Elomi Maria range is designed with a banded 3-piece cup with inner bone and under band elastic with no slip patented silicone coating this ensures it will give you the support and hold you need under your dress. We also have premium brand PrimaDonna - their Deauville bra has been dubbed the 'Rolls Royce' of bras and is a great investment not just for your wedding day. PrimaDonna also have the Couture - a great range which would be perfect for your wedding day in the Natural colour, available in a Full Cup and Padded Version. The Fantasie Marianna in Latte is also a beautiful range to consider, it features delicate floral embroidery, silky bows and a cute charm. It's a great option if you want something feminine and soft to wear under your dress and it's available with matching items up to a FF cup size. 

Backless Dress


Many women love the idea of a backless gown but the thought of going bra less is scary! For this we've got a few solutions all centred around a new invention to allow women the freedom to wear backless clothing without going bra less. Freebra of Sweden have created these innovative stick on Bras which you simply place on your bust to give you a good shape and uplift. There are a few different versions but we love the Freebra Lux Lace Stick-On Strapless Plunge Bra featuring a lace design which makes it perfect to compliment your wedding dress. The great thing about the Freebra of Sweden stick on bras is that they are available in up to an E Cup so if you are bigger busted and didn't think going for a backless dress was an option – it is now! 

I really hope this blog helps you find your perfect bridal lingerie. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section and I'll happily get back to you. 

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