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Can You Wear A Sports Bra All Day?

Belle Lingerie28 March 2024

Can you wear a sports bra all day?

Every lingerie drawer needs an array of styles to make it complete, one of which is a sports bra. Sports bras are becoming more and more abundant in people’s everyday wardrobes due to their versatile nature. Perfect for working out or simply throwing on for running errands, sports bras can come in high-impact to low-impact styles which can be underwired or wireless depending on your preference. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss the age-old question, can you really wear a sports bra all day?

Can I wear a sports bra all day?

Ensuring you have the correct sports bra size also plays a factor when it comes to sports bras’ comfiness and support, especially if you’re planning to wear your sports bra all day. Making sure your sports bra is the correct fit will help eliminate potential issues which can arise from ill-fitting bras. Sports bras usually fit more snugly compared to your usual bra size, and this is important to note. Many factors can contribute to this, from the nature of the material used to the style, lining level and design.

High-impact sports bras are the perfect option if you’re someone with a fuller bust looking for extra compression and support. However, it is important to understand that this style could become uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time due to the nature of compression. A low or medium-impact sports bra may be less restrictive and more comfortable for prolonged wear, but wouldn’t be as supportive when more compression is needed for sports. If you’re planning to participate in all-day sporting events such as marathons, hyrox competitions or cross fit events, then wearing a comfy sports bra all day would save you from having to keep changing throughout the day. 

This point does almost go without saying, but it is important to ensure that whichever sports bra you choose to wear throughout the day is washed more regularly than your everyday bra if physical activity does occur. It’s also useful to be aware that every style fits different people’s frames differently - so if you don’t get along with the first sports bra, there’s no need to be disheartened! There are many sports bra options available for you to try out! 

Can I wear a sports bra to bed?

There are different opinions on whether you should wear a bra to bed at all, but the general consensus is that it should come down to your own personal preference. If you don’t feel comfortable sleeping in a regular, everyday bra, then you might find a wireless sports bra to be a good alternative.

The same rules we mentioned earlier hold weight here as well. Firstly, consider opting for a lighter compression than you need for sports, as this will be less restrictive and help you to feel comfy all night long.

There are also implications for your laundry routine. As with any bra you wear to sleep, you should choose a different sports bra to wear to bed than the one you’ve been wearing all day. This gives your skin and the fabric of the bra time to air, reducing the amount of microbial build-up to keep you and your sports bra healthier for longer.

Ultimately, the decision of what bra to wear to sleep in - or whether to wear a bra at all - should come down to individual preference and whatever is most comfortable for you and your bust. So, the answer to the age-old question ‘Can you wear a sports bra all day?’ is really dependent on the wearer and, of course, the occasion. Only you know what is best for your body and whether a sports bra is a good choice for it. Feeling comfy, supported and confident is something we all deserve and if wearing a sports bra helps you achieve this then you go, girl! We salute you!

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