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How To Wash Your Bra

Top Tips & FAQs

Belle Lingerie06 October 2020

how to wash your bra

How do I wash my bra has probably passed through the mind of every woman at some point. It can be so confusing when we own so many different types of bras. But it is super important to get washing right if you want your bras to last and look fab for years to come. So here are our top tips on how to wash your bra properly and answers to some frequently asked bra washing questions.

How often should I wash my bra?

Okay now this is a tricky one. It really is about your own preference but our advice is to wash your bra after 3-4 wears. Some of you may be shocked and disgusted by the thought of wearing a bra that is not 100% fresh and clean, we get it … it is a little gross. But there is a reason for this madness. Washing your bra after every wear is not actually that great for the bras integrity. Over washing your bra can damage it. Over washing will weaken the elastic, allow the bra to lose its shape and ultimately reduce it’s life span. When we shed out on a new bra, we all want it to last. So, the only way to do that is to look after it. You should give your bra a break. Not only from washing but from wear too. We all have that one favourite bra we would wear everyday if we could. But wearing the same bra everyday is not great for keeping a long lasting shape. So, to sum up alternate your bras and don’t wash after every wear. You should also play it by ear. If it’s been a particularly sweaty day or you have manged to drop food down your top (it happens to everyone), then it’s definitely okay to wash it.

Can I wash my bra in the washing machine?

Our advice is to always hand wash your bras to give them the longest and happiest life. But to be honest, who has time for that every week? You can wash most bras in the machine, as many are made from cotton or polyester which wash and wear well. So here is our top tips for machine washing your bra

1. First check the label. Before you do anything, you need to read the label to make sure you can machine wash. Some materials cannot go through the washing machine at all. If the bra is lace or silk you are best off hand washing or at the very least using a laundry bag.

2. Fasten the hook and eye closure before you put the bra in the machine. This just avoids your bra becoming taggled with any other clothes or getting caught in the machine. This is a must to keep your bra looking great.

3. Always wash on a cool temperature. We recommend 30 degrees and a gentle cycle with a low spin count.

4. Detergent is also key. You need to use a gentle detergent which will be kind your bra. So do not use detergent which contains bleach or alcohol as this can damage the fabric and cause discolouration.

How to hand wash my bra

So if you have the time, we always recommend hand washing your bra. It’s easier and quicker than you might think. Some bras need to be hand washed so make sure you are checking the label. Here is our top tips on how to hand wash your bra.

1. First fill the sink. You can do this in the bathroom sink, kitchen sink or even the bath. If you are washing all your bras in one go, it may be better to use the bath (as long as it is clean). You need to fill the bath or sink with warm water, not hot water.

2. Next add your detergent. Don’t go crazy, you only need a little bit to wash your bras in the sink. It also depends on how many you are washing at once so make a judgment.

3. Leave to soak. You need to leave your bras to soak for around 5 minutes. So, it’s time to have a cup of tea.

4. After your 5 minutes are up, you need to give your bras some TLC. You need to massage the detergent into the bras to allow it to work its magic. Make sure you rub the cup, band and straps to remove all sweat and stains.

5. Last but not least you need to rinse. Simply run your bra under warm water until you can’t see or feel the detergent anymore. Let your bra air dry and that’s it. You are all sorted.

Can I dry my bra in the dryer?

The simple answer is no. We never recommend drying your bra in the dryer as this will likely damage the bra. Repeated drying can speed up deterioration of the fabric and elastic, plus encourage the bra to lose its shape. This means it will no longer be supportive or do its job properly and you will have to buy bras more frequently. Putting your bra in the dryer is such a common mistake but it’s easily solved. Simply air dry your bras on the washing line or radiators. Or you can leave your bras on a dry clean towel for a day or two, to let it soak up the moisture.

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