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Summer Lingerie Solutions

Don't let lingerie stop you from wearing your favourite summer outfits.

Belle Lingerie20 July 2021

Summer Lingerie Solutions

Some people absolutely love seeing the first signs of summer and others dread the new season. Summer brings warmth and time to spend outside playing and having a laugh with your family and friends however it can also bring sweat, overheating and body confidence struggles. One thing that probably adds to the dread is some of the lingerie issues that come with the warmer weather and season. If it is because of summer lingerie struggles that you are not a fan of the hot season well we’ve got some solutions for you. Don’t let lingerie issues become the bane of the new season. Enjoy the warmer weather and being outside with family and friends without fretting about your underwear.

Here are five summer lingerie solutions –

  1. Keep it light
  2. Go strapless
  3. Stick with Non-padded
  4. Use underwear as outerwear
  5. Thigh Slimmers could become your new best friend
Keep it Light

Your summer wardrobe is probably full of light and bright colours, so this point makes sense. You don’t want your black knickers showing through your nice white linen trousers or your dark purple bra showing through your little, light top. However, we want to point out not only will light coloured lingerie will look better under clothes that are light colours are less likely to show your sweat stains. You don’t want your lingerie on the show a little under the arm and then all people see is a bra with sweat marks! Everyone sweats in the warmer weather so don’t be too embarrassed. You can help it though, by wearing litter underwear. On a side note, did you know under a white t-shirt you should wear a bra closest to your skin tone as a white bra is still likely to show through?





Go Strapless

Who doesn’t hate those annoying tan lines? Those lines are most annoying when you’ve nipped out of the house without even thinking about what outfit you’ve got on and if you were going to tan or not! Strapless is probably the best way to go the whole summer if this is something that really winds you up. Or if you find it annoying when you get a tan line from your t-shirt and then a separate one from your bra strap because it was sticking out. In this instance, you might want to consider a multiway bra. Check out our blog – Why You Need a Multiway Bra – for more information and guidance on multiway bras. Whether you prefer a multi-way bra or strapless bra, both are ideal for summer as they will minimise tan lines. When you are slipping into your gorgeous strapless dress your summer lingerie solution has to be a strapless bra.



Stick with Non-Padded

Not only is it a good idea to keep your lingerie light in colour but try to keep it as lightweight as possible. Probably a lot of your bras in your underwear drawer could be all padded or at least moulded especially if you are smaller busted, but have you ever tried a non-padded bra in the summer. The fewer materials and ‘stuff’ the bra has is more likely to be lighter and therefore a bit cooler. The non-padded bras will also help with air circulation especially if they are a little sheer. Reduce the materials and even seams of the bra and you can help with that irritating and disgusting boob sweat. Whether you are an excessive boob sweater or only get a little bit of sweat, what kind of bra you wear will definitely be a good summer lingerie solution.






Underwear as Outwear

It is becoming very popular to fashion underwear as outerwear. No, we are not talking about putting your knickers over your trousers but styling a nice bralette with a pair of jeans and a light jacket. By using underwear as outerwear is another amazing summer lingerie solution. At the end of the day, a bra is just another layer we have to wear, some smaller boob ladies are luckier than the big boob ladies. So why not show off your gorgeous bra or bralette in summer. As they say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Treat yourself to a stunningly longline bra or a bralette to style as outwear so you don’t have to bother with another layer. We would recommend looking for something that is lined so you don’t have to worry about nipple covers! You can find some great options in our Best Night Out Bras blog.




Thigh Slimmers

If you are not lucky enough to have a thigh gap, that let’s be honest not many of us have then you probably know the struggle during the summer of your thighs rubbing together. Do you limit the number of times you wear a dress or a skirt because you can’t be bothered with your thighs rubbing together until they are red raw? Well, that can stop now, because we have the perfect summer lingerie solution. Forget using thigh slimmers for actually shaping reasons and buy yourself a pair to stop the summer sweaty thighs rubbing together. We’re sure you have tried everything from baby powder to body lotion, but have you tried thigh slimmers? You might have even tried normal shorts but the great thing about the control pants compared to normal shorts is they are designed not to ride up. They may not be the prettiest but trust us you’ll be thanking us by the end of summer.





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