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How Do I Stop My Underwire Hurting?

Top tips to beat bra pain

Belle Lingerie19 March 2021

how do i stop my underwire hurting

Underwired bras can be great, serving women support, lift and shape for decades. But it can be hard to find the right underwired bra which feels comfortable all day. An underwire is notorious for causing pain, leaving marks and generally feeling uncomfortable. If you are having these issues with your bra then you are certainly not alone. But this doesn’t mean you should stop wearing underwires. Underwired bras are really important for properly supporting the bust (particularly the larger cup sizes). So, check out this blog as we help you understand why your bra is hurting and what to do about it.

Why does my underwire hurt?

A bad fit – So the most common reason for your underwire to hurt is that it’s a bad fit. You may simply be wearing the wrong size. Your bra should have a snug fit but not be uncomfortably tight and the underwire should encase the entirety of the breast tissue. Firstly, your band may be too loose meaning the wire can’t stretch to fully surround your breast. That means it is sitting in the wrong place and not doing its job properly. Or maybe your band is too tight. If that is the case there will be too much pressure as the wire digs into your bust or the wire stretches too far and starts to dig in at the armpit. Your cups may also be an issue as the wire sits underneath the cup. If your cup is too big or too small, it could mean the breast tissue is not encased fully by the wire. This simply means the wire sits on your breast tissue or too low on your ribs.

The wrong bra style – But if you are convinced your bra fits you perfectly and it still hurts, then maybe it is the style of bra that is an issue. There are so many different styles of underwired bra out there including, full cup, balcony, plunge etc. Each bra style has a different purpose and is trying to shape your bust in a different way. That means that the underwire will be a different thickness, shape and length in every type of bra. This can make a huge difference in the way a bra feels. I wish it were as simple as saying ‘you need to wear this bra’ but unfortunately, it’s not. Everybody is unique so a bra that feels great on one person will be uncomfortable on someone else.

underwire bras

How do I stop my underwire hurting?

Measure your bra size – To combat a painful underwire you can first make sure you are wearing the right bra size for you. You can either get a professional bra fitting or you can measure your bust size at home with our helpful guide. If you are wearing a perfectly fitting bra, the underwire should not hurt you. Boobs change size over time and it can be quite a drastic change so make sure you keep checking in with your bust. Measure your boob size regularly and ensure all your bras are the right fit.

Experiment with new styles – If your underwire is hurting maybe you need a different style of bra. Take note of where the wire is causing you pain. Is it under the bust or near the armpit? Or maybe it’s in the centre. Different bra styles will have underwire positioned in a different place so do some digging. If it hurts in the centre then maybe you need a bra with an underwire which doesn’t come up so high in the middle. You can usually see an underwire quite easily as it’s a defined piece of a harder material which is encased in its own fabric.

Try a different brand – But before you rule out an entire bra type, maybe try the style you like but from a different brand. If you have always had trouble with Freya balcony bras then try a Curvy Kate balcony bra instead. Just because a Fantasie full cup feels uncomfortable, doesn’t mean a similar Parfait bra will feel the same. Try new brands to see what works for you. The best thing is that Belle Lingerie has the free UK returns so you can try any brand you like with literally no risk.

underwire bra pain

Understand your boob type – Boob shape is something many women overlook or don’t fully understand but it’s super important. To get your bra to fit properly and be comfortable you need to understand your bust. There are lots of different shaped boobs which all have the weight of the breast tissue at different points. For example, some women have bottom-heavy busts and some have lots of tissue at the top. This has a major impact on where the underwire will sit and what type of bra is best for you.

Have a break from wires – A simple trick to stop underwire pain could be to give your body a break. Maybe you are in pain because harsh underwires and the wrong bras have worn your skin down. You maybe have sensitive patches of skin which need time to heal. Try wearing a non-wired and soft cup bra for a few days to see if your irritation improves. Sometimes our bodies just need a minute to recover. Buy a new bra – Another trick to stop underwire pain is to simply buy a new bra. Your bra may just be old and tired and no longer able to do its job. Over time bras do wear and become damaged. They lose structure and support as the fabric stretches. So maybe your old bras are now past their sell-by date and causing you more harm than good. But not to worry, we have a huge range of underwired bras for all different budgets right here >

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