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How can I stop my thighs rubbing together in hot weather ? We have the solution

Find out what solutions we have to your chafing problems!

Belle 01 August 2018

We love summer, getting to enjoy the sun and wear sundresses and colourful outfits is great. What's not so great is chafing! Whether your thighs are big or small chafing is something that A LOT of women (and men) have to deal with. We've tried it all from wearing uncomfortable cycling shorts and lacy thigh bands to rubbing Vaseline (yes really!)  on our thighs - which by the way doesn’t work and who wants sweaty and greasy thighs anyway?  

It's an age-old question that a lot of women want the answer to - how do I stop my legs from chafing? Let's face it not only is it uncomfortable, it also hurts and can ruin your summer especially as the pain tends to last a few days. So, we've been proactive and found a solution for you before Summer really kicks in.  

Over the bank holiday day weekend when Britain spectacularly heated up we were presented with the opportunity to try some solutions to help stop chafing – and ladies and gentleman we have the answer!  

It's SHAPE WEAR!! Thigh slimmer's and control briefs that are longer in length are the answer.  We don't know why we haven't tried these before – designed to help shape and smooth the silhouette using special smoothing fabrics thigh slimmer's also use non-stick fabric, usually contain a proportion of spandex for stretch and are seamless. They do a fab job at helping to sculpt the body but they also help to keep the chafing at bay! Similar to cycling shorts but thinner and designed specifically to be worn under all types of clothing, shape wear is a great multi-use item. The breathable fabric allows the moisture around your thighs to air, whilst keeping your thighs separated with silky and stretchy fabric. The best thing about shape wear shorts and thigh slimmer's is that they're invisible, available in black and nude they can be worn under dresses, gowns, skirts and even jeans! Nude colours are great for summer as they won't show up through light coloured clothing.  

What makes them perfect as an anti-chaffing solution is the fabric, most shape wear is silky and has stretch whilst still also managing to be firming. The silkiness will keep your legs from rubbing together and the stretch will give your legs room to move and be comfortable. The firming properties of shape wear will just be an added bonus so you can be chafe free and enjoy a taught silhouette.  

So, which ones did we try and which other ones are top contenders – read on.  

Wacoal Flower Power High Waist Long Pant these fabulous shapers contain 40% spandex which makes them great as an anti-chafing solution. The length is great as it covers the entire thigh area and the pretty floral print makes them feel more feminine. These Wacoal Flower Power High Waist Long Pants are great under longer length dresses and skirts, they also offer light tummy control and are designed to give you a smooth finish under clothing. They also contain 60% Nylon which helps them to allow the skin around your thighs to breathe keeping you cooler. 

Wacoal also have another fabulous option from the Smooth Complexion range and it's the Firm Long Leg Pant. This pant available in Natural Nude and Black, it offers the same smoothing and firming properties but also has innovative Heat-seal front and back control layers which makes them able to control the heat around the thigh area and maintain a cooler temperature thus reducing the chance of chafing. We also have them at 60% off and available in sizes S – XL.  

Our next anti-chafe solution is the Spanx Shape My Day High-Waist Mid-Thigh Shaping Brief these are great as they cover the mid-thigh which means they can still be worn under short dresses and skirts. The Spanx brief also sits higher just under the bust offering tummy control and a sleek silhouette. The Spanx is designed using super slick fabric with 44% spandex and prevents clothes from sticking and legs from rubbing. Available in sizes 8 – 14.  

We also have the Aubade Plumetischic High Waist Control Panty which is pretty as well as functional with its delicate lace embroidery. The Aubade Plumetischic offers high waist control as well as thigh firming. The fabric composition is made up of Spandex, Mesh and Elastane which makes this the comfiest option. Designed with mesh inserts to allow the skin to breathe this control panty will keep you cool and chafe free whatever you choose to wear.   

Shop our full range of thigh shapers here.  

Do you chafe? How do you usually stop it and will you be trying out some thigh slimmer's? Let us know in the comments below. 

Belle Xx  



Reader Comments

Super advice, I tried this today and it really works x
Written by Jamie Craven, 3rd August 2018 at 20:33:00
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