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Best Bras For Small Breasts

Tips and our recommendations

Belle Lingerie01 December 2020


Step out of Lockdown 2.0 in Style and Comfort

Sometimes it feels like all the focus is on the fuller bust and how to find the right bras for big boobs (which is great). But what about small boobs? Apparently, the average cups size worldwide is a B so despite claims that busts are getting bigger, there are still millions of women out there with small boobs. So, we thought it was time to dedicate a blog to you! There are so many perks to having smaller breasts like, less sagging, no bounce when you exercise, no boob chaffing and of course freedom! Don’t underestimate the freedom you get with small boobs. Because you don’t have a big bust to support and lift, you can wear whatever you want! If you want to go bra free you can, if you only like bralettes that’s fine, if you never want to wear an underwire again then do it. The choice really is yours and the world of lingerie is your oyster. But with all this freedom and choice, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with bra options. We are here to help. Here’s our top tips for choosing bras for small breasts and our top 4 recommendations for the best bras for small boobs.

Tips for small boobs

  1. Sometimes you need support – We have established you can wear whatever you want but sometimes it’s good to give yourself that little bit of support. If all you ever wore was non wired, soft bras with no structure at all, that could cause you issues later in life. Believe it or not, even the smallest boob tissue can stretch. As gravity works its magic your boobs (no matter how small) will eventually start to sag a little. So, mix it up. It’s good to wear different types of bras to keep your boobs on their toes and prevent the perk disappearing.
  2. Get the right fit – Fit is something we talk about all the time with large boobs, but it is just as important for smaller breasts too! You need to get the fit right to avoid damaging your body and just for the sake of comfort. Bras are a tricky one to get right but our helpful fit guide > will tell you everything you need to know. It’s easy to brush this off when you have smaller boobs as you may not see fit as a huge problem, but ill-fitting bras can cause back or neck pain, chaffing and poor posture. No one wants that. 
  3. Find your brand – Before you buy the same Primark t-shirt bra you have always bought, why not do a little digging. There are thousands of lingerie brand out there which cater to small boobs so there will be one that is right for you. At Belle Lingerie, we sell over 70 different brands, all with different styles, materials and benefits. But our top suggestions for small breasts are Calvin Klein, Gossard, Lou, Sloggi, Wonderbra, Tallulah Love and Coco De Mer. Make sure you check them out. 
  4. Give them a boost – You may be super happy and confident with you smaller boobs (as you should be). We are all for body confidence and embracing your unique curves. But sometimes you might want to give your boobs a little boost. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your assets for a night out, a date or just because you want to wear that low cut top to the supermarket. Push up bras will give you that lift and create the appearance of a fuller, perkier bust and a cleavage to die for. Shop all push up bra here >
  5. Find what feels right – Our final tip for smaller busted ladies is to listen to your body and find what feels right. There are so many bra styles to choose from: balcony, plunge, t-shirt, padded, non-padded, wired, non-wired … we could go on. So, experiment and invest time in finding your perfect style. Good news is we have free shipping and returns on UK orders so go wild and try as many bras as you like.


Best bras for small breasts

  1. 000QF5363E Calvin Klein Push Up Plunge Bra
  2. TL116 Tallulah Love Hidden Pearl Bralette
  3. 11255 Gossard Everyday Boost Plunge Bra
  4. W06TI Wonderbra Sexy Triangle Bralette Bra 2 Pack

First up is Calvin Klein with its push up plunge bra. We all know Calvin Klein as designer loungewear and outerwear brand but did you know they do amazing small bust lingerie? Well, you do now. This brand is always high quality so you can rest assured this bra will be made of great stuff. We have chosen this bra because it’s a push up style with soft and comfy padded foam in the cups. But it also has a defined plunge shape to show off the new cleavage that the padding creates. We also just love the lacey overlay for a contemporary but feminine feel.


Next is a newer brand which you may not be familiar with. Tallulah love is a British lingerie brand that takes inspiration from feminine French lingerie and adds a unique flare. This brand only creates smaller cups sizes so you know it is tailored to your needs as a smaller bust woman. We adore this silky bralette as the soft fabric feels amazing for all-day comfort and a luxurious feel. There is no wiring or padding but there is slight support from the under band. The triangle cup shape is really flattering for the smaller bust and exposes your cleavage.


Gossard is another great brand for smaller breasts especially if you are wanting to give your boobs a boost. This popular everyday boost plunge bra is designed to give you amazing lift in a style you can wear every day. You can treat this as a t-shirt bra and wear it under pretty much anything. The cups have thick padding to really enhance the appearance of your bust size. Plus, there is a slight plunge in the centre to flatter the cleavage. The other great thing about Gossard is that some of its padded bras have removable padding so you can wear it in two ways.



Finally, Wonderbra is another great choice for small boobs as this brand gives you innovative bras to lift and shape. But we are recommending the triangle bralette. Made from floral lace, you get a semi-sheer finish which flatters. The non-wired cups are soft and comfy and give you that triangle plunge effect which highlights the cleavage. But we love this bralette as it has padding! Not many lace bralettes have padding so this is a unique style perfect for the small bust.


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