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Should I wear a bra?

Bra or no bra that's the question

Belle Lingerie19 February 2021

This is a big debate, and we should preface this blog by saying we are by no means medical experts. However, we listen and read a lot before writing any blog, combined with our expert lingerie knowledge we know a thing or two about bras.

Now, whether you should wear a bra, should be a personal choice! You should be comfortable at the end of the day, so whether you are more comfortable wearing one or not, you decide. Especially during this time where most of the world is in lockdown or restrictions due to Covid, comfort is key and it’s understandable why so many are going braless! You can be comfortable both wearing a bra and not wearing a bra. When you are wearing a bra to be comfortable you have to wear the right size. Wearing the right size is so important and really the answer to 'should I wear a bra'. If you decide to wear a bra, make sure it’s the right size. Check out our full size guide here>

Bras do have a bad reputation and we're sure you have seen the memes etc about taking your bra off at the end of the day. They are known for digging in, being too tight and you can never find the right size. And that’s the reason why many are now asking is it really necessary to wear a bra?

When should I wear a bra?

Whether you wear a bra or not often depends on what you are doing. Wondering around the house, if you are comfortable no you don’t necessarily need to wear a bra. However exercising, running around or playing any sports we would recommend you invest in a sports bra. No matter your size, small boobs or large boobs, sports bras will protect your breasts during exercise and prevent any injury or pain of the muscles around your boobs. Check out our wide range of sports bras here>

Will my boobs sag?

The answer to this is 50/50. Some studies have shown that not wearing a bra can naturally strengthen the chest muscles to support your breasts. However, even within these studies, they specify that you should wear a bra for the support when you need it. Other studies have shown, that wearing a bra can prevent strain and protect your breast muscles and help you not wear a bra every now and again. Especially women with bigger boobs, need to not only protect their chest muscles but their back as well and therefore should continue to wear a bra.

If I am wearing a bra, what should I consider?

As said right at the start, if you are debating wearing a bra then comfort is key if you decide to wear a bra. Comfort comes down to the right size and fit, so don’t be afraid to have a browse through Belle Lingerie, pick a few and use our simple and easy returns system. If you are in the UK, you can even get free returns and delivery! Bralettes and wireless bras are also something you might consider and with new technology, there is even wireless for DD+ cups now. Here at Belle Lingerie, we have a wide range of bras and bralettes so you will find something to be comfortable in, no matter your size and shape. Check out all our blogs for more information on fit and favourite comfortable bras.


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