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Why Royce Lingerie is the Perfect Brand for Maternity Wear

Maternity Bras and Nursing Bras 101

Belle Lingerie15 January 2021

If you are looking into maternity wear the likelihood of you being pregnant is very high, so first off congratulations on your pregnancy! Secondly, you are probably wanting some questions answered easily and efficiently as there is a lot of information to soak in at the moment, so we’ll keep it brief.

When it comes to underwear for maternity wear you are in the right place, Belle Lingerie has a wide variety of maternity bras and nursing bras! However, one brand we want to direct you to is Royce Lingerie. This brand is dedicated to providing wire-free bras for comfort, sport, maternity and teens. You will be in safe hands when you are trying to find the ideal maternity or nursing bra with this British lingerie brand. Royce Lingerie started off with nursing bras back in 1991 with their first customer being the National Childbirth Trust. The brand understood and still understands that it is the comfort that you need and demand when you are growing a little human. Therefore, look no further than the Royce selection right here at Belle Lingerie.

What’s the difference in maternity & nursing bras?

To be honest, there isn’t much difference, all Royce lingerie bras are designed wireless and are super comfortable so can ease discomfort, to a certain extent, which you might experience during pregnancy. The noticeable difference is nursing bras have detachable shoulder straps in place to feed your baby. However, you can wear nursing bras while you are pregnant as they still provided as much comfortability as the maternity bras. Many midwives recommend you avoid a wired bra during pregnancy and beyond to prevent any damage to your growing breast tissue and simple to make you as comfortable as possible. To explain the slight difference here’s two recommendations –

  1. Royce Comfi-Bra Caress Front Fastening Bra (maternity)
  2. Royce Blossom Nursing & Maternity Bra

Firstly, our maternity recommendation would be the Royce Comfi-Bra Caress Front Fastening Bra as it is a super soft bra, with support and shape. The bra is created from a breathable material, which will help with any wavering body temperatures and has a stretch for support and comfort. The best thing about this bra is the front fastening. The front fastening will make it easier to slip it on and off during your pregnancy.

The Nursing bra recommendation is the Royce Blossom Nursing and maternity bra. This bra is still as comfortable as any maternity bra but has detachable straps to let you feed and have skin contact with your new-born. The best bit of this bra is the drawstring in the centre of the bra so you can either have it bandeau style right across the bust or make it more like cups.



When do I buy Maternity bras and Nursing bras?

Your body will quickly tell you if you are needing maternity or nursing bras as one of the first signs of pregnancy is sore boobs. So short answer is as soon as your current bra becomes uncomfortable.

In general, your cup size will grow over the first twenty weeks of your pregnancy and your rib cage will expand shortly after. Therefore, we would recommend buying your first set during your second trimester however as we’ve said, listen to your body so if you need something more comfortable earlier don’t hesitate to look our way. It’s at this point, you can try a Royce maternity bra like the Royce Lily Bra. This has nice wide straps and full cup coverage for support and comfort.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, your bust will start to grow again as milk is coming in for your baby arriving. It’s at this point we would suggest buying another set of bras for your final weeks of pregnancy and to start you off on your nursing journey. The Royce Luna Nursing bra would be ideal, with a chic look but also very practical when and if you decide to breastfeed when the baby comes.


Finding the right Nursing Bra size

As previously mentioned, it is probably best to get two lots of maternity bras and nursing bras as your bra size is likely to fluctuate. A good rule to follow for your first set is to add one cup size and one back size to your pre-pregnancy size. So, if you are normally a 34D your maternity bra would be a 36DD. Royce does provide a range of cup and back sizes so do not worry what size you might end up being. This bra will feel secure and comfortable on the tightest setting and will still give you plenty of room to adjust. Also, if you are within the UK remember Belle Lingerie offers free UK delivery and returns so if you do get the wrong size don’t worry about returning it.

For your second set of bras, towards the end of your pregnancy, take that previous size you calculated and add one cups size and go down one back size. For example, you are now a 36DD in pregnancy so you should now try 34E. When you try this new size, it should feel comfortable and secure on the loosest setting so you can adjust as you go onto breastfeeding and settle to your new normal.



Recommended Maternity bras and Nursing Bras

Although we have recommended bras throughout this blog, we don’t want you to miss out on any great Royce bras. So, if you are looking for a nursing bra with a bit more glamour and floral femininity, the gorgeous Florence Nursing and Maternity bra would be ideal. A great t-shirt nursing bra is the Royce Masie Nursing bra. This bra has a smooth moulded cup which is great under any outfit. Finally, a popular nursing and maternity bra is the Royce Indie Nursing and Maternity Bra.

As you can see, Royce provides a wide range of maternity bras and nursing bras so don’t hesitate to take a look when you are looking at maternity wear.

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