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Our Softest Bras Yet!

Here's the low down on our softest bras yet!

Belle-Lingerie05 August 2022

Our Softest Bras Yet!

Hey ladies, guess what?
We're about to reveal all our secrets about which of our bras are the softest and how to keep them that way! From bralettes to bras, we're going to give you the 411 on which are the best for lounging about on your sofa, wearing to the gym, nipping to the supermarket and dressing for date night. We have bras fit for every occasion, every style and every budget. So which ones are perfect for you? Don't settle for anything less than perfect for you! So grab a cuppa (or a vino - we don't judge!) and let's delve in.

Washing Your Delicates Should Be Well, Delicate!

Let's get straight to the point. Have you ever noticed your bras ever feeling slightly ridged? Whether it be the fabric, the wire or even the straps? Maybe you've noticed it more when the bra is new? So our question to you is, how do you wash your bras? We all know our bras are meant to be washed delicately and by hand to help get the most wear out of your lingerie but don't worry we completely understand not everyone has the time for that! Doing the washing can be a hassle at the best of times and then you're being told to hand wash a small number of items too? (for what it's worth, we don't always hand wash our bras, who has the time really?!) If you're going to opt for the washing machine option then make sure you use a mesh lingerie bag to protect your lingerie! Now we have that boring fact out of the way, here's the point we're trying to make, washing your bras will soften them up over time, hand washing is the best option but a cool setting on the washing machine will be the next best thing (hooray!).

Now time to dry. Please don't put your bras in the tumble dryer! Not only is that bad for your tumble dryer it is also bad for your bra, and here's why. Wired bras can wear out a lot quicker when they're placed in there. The heat can alter the shape of the wire and weaken the fabric quicker. So the best way to dry your bras and keep them soft and comfy is to dry them naturally! Lay them flat and air dry, it might take a little longer than a tumble dry but surely if it means your bras last longer, that is a small inconvenience we can live with.

The Materials

Super soft fabrics are key to soft bras. Sounds obvious right? So do you know what is the softest material for bras to be made out of? The material is called Modal and if you haven't felt this material before, then trust us when we say, you need to!

Now we're going to keep this science lesson to a minimum for you but basically, Modal is technically a type of rayon which has an exceptionally silky feel to it. Classed as the more eco-friendly material compared to any other, Modal is a bio-based fabric, that is made from spinning beech tree cellulose. Lightweight, stretchy, durable and soft, Modal is for sure leaving its comfy footprint on the fashion industry. Having now been made into lingerie, loungewear and everyday wear the fabric is renowned for its soft and cuddly composition. Ever wanted to feel like you're having a warm hug all day? (sorry Olaf we don't mean you) then make sure you check out the lingerie we have made from Modal!

Wired VS Wireless

Which is the softest? Which is comfier?

This is a timeless argument which has pros and cons for both options, and we're not here to judge either. So as the unbiased party we're going to talk about how both styles are soft and comfy and then let you ladies be the judges. So let's start with wireless shall we?

Have you heard before that wireless bras are the ones to give you the ultimate comfort? That the name quite literally gives it away, there is no wire, so therefore it will be comfy and soft on the skin. Have you tried our Simone Perele Essentiel Wireless Bra? Perfect for a structured seamless everyday look, with shaped cups which provide support to all shapes and sizes. A silky soft touch which isn't to be missed! Or why not look at the Royce Skyla Rose Bra. Complete with luxuriously soft fabrics, moulded cups and a wireless design. No lingerie collection is truly complete without a flawless fitting, perfect coloured wireless bra.

So wired. Wired bras don't ever have to mean uncomfortable. Regardless of what you've heard, wired bras can be soft and comfortable. The key to this is, of course, the fit (check out our fitting guide to make sure you're clued up on your best fit!) and the style and material. So let us tell you about the softest wired bras we have. The Parfait Tess Underwired Bra is made from 95% Modal which means it's super soft to touch and also for you to wear! Constructed with three-part cups with supportive underwires for excellent shape, this bra is perfect for everyday comfort.

If you'd rather have something with a touch more elegance then why not check out the Prima Donna Sevas Balcony Bra? Made predominantly with Polyamide, this fabric is also soft to the touch and is also softer than other materials such as polyester. This is due to polyamide being created as a synthetic alternative to silk. Being made from Polymide means there is more stretchability, this allows the bra to take the shape of your cups, enhancing your curves and silhouette. Did we mention this bra has a wire? and also a lovely floral embroidery pattern to it? So what was that again about wired bras not being comfy? (We'll wait)

Some Of Our Choices

Here at Belle Lingerie, we love to share our thoughts and opinions. So that isn't going to stop here. So let's talk to you about our favourite softies. Whether it's the materials, the fit or just the overall look. We're letting you into some of our favourites.

The Miss Mary of Sweden Lovely Lace Wireless Full Cup Bra in any colour is up there with some of our must-haves. Wireless and comfy and made from primarily cotton, this bra is soft and gentle to the skin. The brand set out a brand mission to create some of the softest bras ever, and this is definitely something we can see from this collection.

Panache Sports Wirefree Sports Bra is up next. New year, new us is the motto, but regardless of that, sports bras are now also known as the perfect lounge about bra (thanks lockdown!) and this bra is no different. Made from mainly Polymide which is known for its comfortable and breathable qualities, this sports bra is perfect for those long workouts or just simply laying about on the sofa!

The Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Racerback Bralette is a must in our bra wardrobes. Comfy and soft, this bralette is a mixture of cotton and modal materials. Have you ever wanted a bralette that feels like a second skin? Like you're wearing nothing? Then look no further! This bralette has truly ticked all the boxes when it comes to soft and comfy. Don't forget the matching thong to complete the look!

See! Soft Isn't Dull!

We hope this has highlighted some new options for you ladies. Soft bras are so easy to come by nowadays and luckily we have loads in stock. We've squashed the concept that only wireless bras are comfy, explained how to care for your bras, and even explained the science behind the materials (we're adding 'teacher' to our resume!).

Treat yourself to your softest bra yet! We hope you love them as much as we do!

xoxo Belle Lingerie

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