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How To Know If You Need A New Bra

Wondering if you need a new bra? Read our blog to see the signs that you do

Belle Lingerie04 January 2022

How to Know If You Need a New Bra

We all have one don't we, that particular bra we all reach for every time we're getting ready for work, we want to be supported and comfortable and it's easy to rely on that particular bra as you rely on it for its continued support. But, are you aware of the signs you might need to swap that much-loved, overworn bra? Well, there is! In this blog, we're going to give you the signs you should look out for when your lingerie drawer is screaming for a new bra to join the collection.




The first sign you need to replace your favourite bra is if the back is stretched out. The back of a bra stretches out naturally over time. When this happens, the hook and eye closure allow you to close your bra up tighter on the furthest hook, to make the band feel tighter, supportive, and snugger. However, if you're doing this and your bra still feels loose, it's not supporting your back or chest properly, which is a huge sign that you need a new bra. Having a loose underband will not only not support your back and chest, but it'll feel uncomfortable to wear and potentially rub against your skin causing irritation.




The next sign is that the cups on your bra are stretched out or don't fit. If you begin to notice a gaping cup (with a gap you can fit 2 or more fingers down) between your cup and boobs, it means your cups are either stretched out or your sizing has changed. Similarly, if you find your boobs spilling out of your cups or too tight, it's probably because your bra size is too small, and you should definitely double-check your sizing to make sure your bra fits perfectly. Alternatively, read our bra fitting guide here.




Another sign you need a new bra is if your straps are loose. This is one of the biggest signs that you need a new bra. If the straps on your bra keep slipping off your shoulders and you're constantly having to re-adjust them, you certainly need to invest in a new bra in the correct size. Your straps play a vital part in supporting your bust, they support the weight of your boobs throughout the day, so if they're too loose, get your size checked, for your own sake!




The next sign you need to be aware of is if your underwire is painful. We've all experience dit, that constant digging, rubbing and uncomfortable friction against the skin is not the one. You might even experience a wire popping out of the fabric in your bra, if this is the case then it can be definitely painful. You might try and fix this yourself if you have the sewing skills, but this is most likely a quick fix and it'll probably happen again. So, if this happens, you should invest in a new bra.




The next and final thing to look for is if your bra has hair. Ha, we know you're probably thinking 'Hair?!' yes, hair. If you've ever had this, you'll know what we're talking about. It's little hair-like threads poking out from your cups, band, or straps and we hate to say it but this is a sign you are LONG overdue a new bra. So, if you have any of these signs when you're wearing your bra, it's the perfect excuse to buy brand new lingerie! Shop our newest arrivals to show your bra-drobe some love.

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