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Maternity Lingerie. Do I Really Need It?

Why you need new maternity lingerie at each stage of pregnancy

Belle Lingerie07 December 2021

maternity lingerie do i need it

If you are expecting a baby (congratulations), you may be starting to ask the question, do I really need maternity lingerie? You may think you can get away with wearing your usual underwear through pregnancy and beyond but we are here to tell you that may not be the right option. Maternity lingerie is a great solution to have the best experience for you and your baby. There are lots of different types of maternity underwear that you should familiarise yourself with. Your needs change throughout the maternity period so you may need to revisit what lingerie you need every few months. It may seem a little overwhelming but don't worry we are here to help. This blog talks you through maternity lingerie during and after pregnancy.

Maternity lingerie during pregnancy

At about six weeks pregnant you may start to notice changes in your breasts. They may start to get bigger and more tender. This is your bodies way of preparing for your baby arriving so you are able to nurse. In the whole of the first trimester, your boobs may feel uncomfortable and start swelling. This is because our bust is susceptible to hormonal changes. What you need to remember as well is that the bust is supported by ligaments and not muscles which means you need to take extra care to protect its shape. But this is where maternity bras come in. You will likely need to change your bra in the first trimester as your bust size will change so you will need a larger sized bra to accommodate. This is where you should start searching for a comfy maternity bra. We recommend non wired bras with soft fabrics that will be kind to your extra sensitive areas. Non-wired maternity bras will also adapt to your body better than a wired bra so will feel more natural and allow you to wear them for longer. A wire would also dig into your bust at a time when you feel more sensitive, so it is best to avoid this. We recommend the Anita Maternity Basic Maternity Bra or the Carriwell Maternity Bra for expert support and comfort during pregnancy.

maternity bras

In addition to maternity bras, you will need to update your brief collection too. It's very unlikely that your old briefs will fit you comfortably all the way through your pregnancy. Your body is about to go through major changes and you need the right lingerie solutions to support it. Maternity briefs are specially designed to grow and adapt with your body as your bump grows. You can opt for maternity briefs that sit underneath the bump and provide comfy and stretchy wear. The Anita Maternity Basic Maternity Brief or the Anita Maternity Seamless Maternity Brief are both great choices. Or you can opt for larger and more supportive briefs that sit on or above your bump. This type of maternity brief can offer back and tummy support to relieve a little pressure or strain. The material will be flexible, comfy and breathable so you remain comfy yet supported as your bump grows. Try the Carriwell Maternity Support Panty or the Anita Maternity Basic Maternity Brief Panty.

maternity briefs

Maternity lingerie after pregnancy

After the baby has arrived, you will likely need to change your underwear again as you will have new needs post-birth. We recommend you get yourself some hospital pants to take with you on your due date. There are a few different types of hospital pants that will give you support no matter your situation. The Carriwell Maternity & Hospital Panties are a handy pack of 2 that will keep you comfy and cool, with practical features. They hold post birth pads so you can feel secure as you leave the hospital. A different pair of Carriwell Maternity Hospital Panties are designed to support you after birth if you have had a caesarean. The special fabric allows the scars to breathe and heal properly. It's also a good idea to get the Anita Maternity Florence ReBelt Post Pregnancy Brief. This maternity brief is for post-birth when your body is attempting to get back to normal. This brief will give you full coverage and support whilst helping with the regression of the tummy and hips.

post birth briefs

In terms of bras post-pregnancy, you have a lot of amazing and innovative options. If you are choosing to breastfeed, you will need a collection of nursing bras. There are lots of different styles of nursing bras that can support you and your baby as you continue your maternity leave and then start to get back into a routine. The Carriwell Padded & Carri-Gel Nursing Bra gives you maximum skin to skin contact with your baby plus non-wired support. There is also a back converter included so you can keep wearing this bra as your body changes post-pregnancy. The Royce Maisie Nursing Bra is another great choice as you start to get in the swing of things and venture out. This is a more supportive bra with moulded cups that shape your bust underneath your clothes.

nursing bras

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