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Best Mastectomy Bras

What bras should you wear post surgery?

Belle Lingerie12 October 2020


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month so it’s time to talk mastectomy bras. Surgery is such an emotional and tough process so we want to help make your recovery as easy as possible. Post-surgery you probably have millions of questions flying around your brain. You’ve just been through a big change and your lingerie needs have changed too. But there are some incredible brands out there who are dedicated to creating amazing post-surgery bras to help you through the process and get you feeling yourself again. Keep reading to see everything you need to know about mastectomy bras and our recommendations for the best bras out there.

What is a mastectomy bra?

Simply put, a mastectomy bra is specifically for anyone who has had surgery on the breast and has had one or both breasts removed. These clever products are designed with you in mind with the sole purpose of making life easier post-surgery. A mastectomy bra features pockets in the cups which are designed to hold a prosthesis in place. Most mastectomy bras will have two pockets, one on each cup so can be used by anyone. The great thing is brands like Royce and Anita have dedicated time and a lot of effort into perfecting mastectomy bras. So now these bras are subtle! At first glance, you wouldn’t even know it was any different to your regular bras. The pockets are hidden in the cups so you can wear your new bra with confidence. The band and straps are usually wider than an average bra, this is to help create comfortable support and to hide/protect any scars. Most mastectomy bras are non-wired as a hard underwire can often irritate scar tissue and feel uncomfortable on any sensitive areas.

But you may have also seen the term post-surgery bras. These are different than mastectomy bras as they are not always designed to hold a prosthesis. A post-surgery bra is what you need while you are in hospital or at home in the recovery stages. Speak to your doctor about the time frame for when you are allowed to start wearing bras again. Sometimes you can wear bras after a few days but it really depends on your individual journey. When you feel ready and it’s safe to start wearing a bra, post-surgery bras are great! They are designed with one purpose … comfort. Many post-surgery bras will fasten in the front to make life easier. They usually contain no wiring at all so they are soft and comfy from day one. Post-surgery bras will offer gentle compression and support with a breathable fabric.

How to wear a mastectomy bra?

To wear a mastectomy bra, you first need to think about a prothesis. If you have had a breast or part of a breast removed, you can get a prothesis to act as a replacement post-surgery. Speak to your doctor about when you can start wearing a prosthesis and what type is best for your unique needs. Everyone is different so we advise you speak to a medical professional before investing in a prothesis. But protheses can be great once you are well into your recovery. They can sit directly on the skin and give the appearance of a breast. There is no pressure to wear one at all though. This is your journey and every decision is yours to make. If you do decide to wear a prothesis, a mastectomy bra is great. You can put your prothesis inside the specially formed pockets in the cups. This will keep your prothesis in place and keep you feeling comfy.

In the first few months of recovery it is important to chose mastectomy and post-surgery bras that are comfy. So, make sure they are non-wired, have great coverage and are made from soft materials. But further into your recovery, you can start to experiment. There are so many styles of mastectomy bras out there. There are t-shirt bras, padded bras, sports style bras and so much more. Design has become a priority too with brands like Royce and Anita as these brands want to help you get back some kind of normality and gain that confidence back. You can buy mastectomy bras which look like ordinary full cup or t-shirt bras. Browse our full range of mastectomy and post-surgery bras here or scroll to see our top 3 favourites.

The perfect post-surgery bra. This a contemporary take on a post-surgery comfort bra. It is designed with comfort as the priority as it is crafted from soft-touch organic cotton. There is a wide under band to support without any wiring. It fastens at the front with an enclosed zip which still feels comfy on your skin and can’t be seen under clothing. The straps are lightly padded to ensure maximum comfort on the shoulders too!


This is a great mastectomy bra which contains 2 pockets, one on each side, ideal for one or two protheses. The cups are smooth and comfortable and feature no wiring at all. This bra is designed as an M shape to give you maximum support without compromising on feel. It is pretty and feminine and is available in multiple colours so you can ensure you have the perfect bra for every outfit. “The only bra I feel comfortable in wearing a silicone prosthesis. Great colour. Have 3 others in different colours” – F Burrows


This is our favourite t-shirt style mastectomy bra. This ideal for everyday wear when you are feeling recovered and ready to get back to normality. You can wear this bra all day and still feel ultra-comfortable. It has pockets in the cups so you can choose to wear it with or without a prosthesis. There is no wiring but the cups are lightly padded. We love the lace trim which runs under the cups and around the band.

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