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5 Top Tips to Make the Beach Your Catwalk

Find confidence in the Belle Lingerie wide range of swimwear

Belle Lingerie07 June 2021

Make the beach your Catwalk

This summer are you dreaming of jetting off and enjoying some time by the beach or even spending the weekend at the beach close by home? In that dream are you strutting your stuff down the beach like it’s a catwalk? Let’s be honest, everyone imagines themselves wind in the hair and modelling down the beach, but how many of us have the know-how and have the confidence to do so. If this reminds you of you then keep reading. In this blog, we have five top tips to make every beach your catwalk. Enjoy this summer, whether you are jetting off somewhere nice or heading to the closest seaside at home, where you don’t have to worry about walking along the beach with this knowledge.

Our top 5 tips to make the beach your catwalk –

  1. Find Confidence in yourself
  2. The Right Footwear
  3. Find your favourite style
  4. Accessorise
  5. Style it with a Cover-up
1. Find the Confidence

First things first, as we mentioned before it’s all about confidence. And the most important thing you need to remember when walking along that beach is probably every single women and man on that beach has the same niggling body confidence thoughts as you do. Unfortunately, society now has taught us to worry about the little things, a scar, stretch marks or a roll here and there but it’s all-natural and everyone has them. So, we say forget your body worries about taking pride in your figure, curves and everything you. Easier said than done, we know, so here at Belle Lingerie, we have a few things to help. For a full blog on shaping swimsuits check out – Swimsuits That Shape. Or you can also check out - How to Get the Perfect Fit for Swimwear. Both blogs will help you find confidence in swimwear, we are sure. But to quickly summarise here, it’s all about the details. Ruffles or big patterns and bright colours are great at distracting the eye and will cleverly help with shaping. Also, make sure you are wearing the right size! Even if that means trying and trying again, having the right size swimwear will always help you with your confidence we guarantee.


2. The Right Footwear

Having the right footwear will help you walk any beach like it’s a catwalk. This might sound daft but when you are trying to confidently walk along the beach the last thing you want to do is trip and fall. When you are on the beach ideally, there is nothing better than going barefoot. Going barefoot will be comfortable, you won’t have to worry about sand getting in your shoe and you are less likely to trip (unless you are in the habit of tripping up over your own feet!). If for some reason barefoot isn’t an option like there are loads of sharp little shells, then we would say at least keep it flat, like sandals, flip-flops or slides. On a side note, if you are more of a pool person and you are trying to make the poolside your catwalk, wedges are the way to go, the slight height will give your bum a lift and elongate your legs.




3. Find Your Favourite Style

When it comes to picking your swimwear to show off your amazing figure, you need something you fall in love with. There are so many different styles to pick from, including your first choice – do you go for a bikini, tankini or swimsuit? And just in bikini tops, you can choose from bandeaus, full cup, plunge, halter neck and so many more. Belle Lingerie has almost 3000 different swimwear items, so you will be sure to find your new favourite swimwear. Finding your favourite style combined with a faultless fit, you will be sure to find the confidence to strut along your beach catwalk. We would recommend keeping trying until you find your favourite, try a few different pieces from Belle Lingerie and you never know you might fall in love with a few styles and maybe even something you have never tried before. And because Belle Lingerie offers free delivery and returns to all UK customers you can keep trying new pieces until you find your absolute favourite swimwear. Take into consideration the colour, the small details, the fit, the neckline, the coverage and overall, how it makes you feel, and you will be strutting down on the beach before you know it.



4. Accessorise

Once you’ve found your perfect swimwear piece(s) at Belle Lingerie, for your beach catwalk you might want to find accessories to perfect your beach look. From long necklines drawing the eye to your favourite bikini to rings and anklets to draw the eye away. Accessories are great for focussing everyone’s eyes on your favourite part of your body or at least from drawing the eye away from those little bits we aren’t too confident about. For example, if you have big boobs and you’ve gone for a gorgeous plunge bikini from Curvy Kate on Belle Lingerie, why not highlight your cleavage even more with a long necklace flowing down your bust. Accessorises could also include a hat, which is practical to give you some shade but also very stylish and will perfect your swimwear look for your beach catwalk.




5. Style it with a Cover-up

Finally, just like accessories, cover-ups will finish off your beach catwalk look. At Belle Lingerie we have a wide range of beach dresses, sarongs, and kaftans. All the pieces vary in colour, pattern and coverage. You can find the perfect item that will complement your swimwear from all different brands such as Pour Moi, Prima Donna, Freya and more. The cover-up is also great to help with confidence as we covered in the first point. By adding a little coverage here and there will be sure to boost your confidence. From maxi dresses that will give you a lot of coverage to a little sarong that will give your bottom half some more coverage. You don’t always have to strut along the beach in just swimwear you can style it up with a light outfit that is comfortable in the heat but will add a little coverage.





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