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Lingerie Colour Based On Your Skin Tone

What underwear colours will suit your complection?

Belle Lingerie27 August 2021

lingerie colours based on your skin tone

When it comes to lingerie there are countless lingerie colours out there. You really do have a world of colours at your fingertips with Belle Lingerie as we bring over 70 lingerie brands together in one place. Whether you love blue lingerie, pink underwear, green, red, purple ... we certainly have something for you. Or maybe you are a lover of the classics, black, white and beige. Don't worry Belle has those covered too. With so many lingerie colours to choose from, how do you go about finding the perfect colour for you? Keep reading this blog to get some top tips.

Colour match your skin tone

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect lingerie colour is your skin tone. You wouldn't just throw on any old foundation before matching it with your skin, so apply the same thought process to lingerie. We all have different skin shades which can have a huge effect on how a certain colour will look on us. Just because a certain colour suits your besties, doesn't mean it will look fab on you too. It is a little trial and error to find your perfect match, but once you nail it, the results will be worth all the hard work. The whole idea is to find lingerie colours that compliment your complexion, especially if you are planning to show off your lingerie to that special someone.

white or purple lingerie images

The first thing to do is to determine your skin tone. Have a think about how dark or fair your skin is and try to get an accurate picture in your mind. Then you need to think about undertones. Undertones are essentially the colour that comes through from underneath the surface of your skin. This can undertone can really affect the way a certain colour looks on you. There are 3 types of undertones. Warm (golden, peach or yellow undertone), Cool (red or blue undertone) and neutral (undertones are the same colour as your skin). Each of these skin undertones has specific colours that they complement and clash with.

Lingerie colours for pale skin - When it comes to pale skin, you will usually look best in darker colours that create a contrast with your skin. Dark colours on fair or alabaster skin will create an impactful stark contrast that catches the eye. You can sometimes look great in pastels too but try to avoid colours that are too close to your skin tone as these well wash you out. We recommend you avoid neons too. Many fair-skinned women have cool undertones to the skin meaning that you have quite a lot of red pigment that shines through. If you can relate, then we recommend you wear cooler colours rather than rich coloured lingerie.

Lingerie colours for olive skin - If you have been blessed with olive skin (i.e) you tan easily and go a lovely golden brown in the summer, you can get away with most lingerie colours. You probably have a warm undertone to your skin meaning you have yellowish pigment underneath. This means rich, saturated and warm colours look great on you! You can also get away with really bright and vibrant lingerie like neon colours.

Lingerie colours for dark skin - If you have a dark skin tone, you can either opt for a stark and alluring contrast with pale colours. Or you can compliment with lingerie that is slightly off your natural skin tone. You can definitely opt for bright lingerie too as neons will be a pop of colour that has all eyes on you. Neon swimwear will probably look great with your skin tone too.







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