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Are luxury bras worth investing in?

Find out whether luxury bras like the Primadonna Madison are worth the investment.

Belle 14 June 2018

All too often we hear ladies ask whether or not a bra really is an investment and if so, are luxury ones worth it? Bras are worn day in and day out, it's an essential component of every woman's wardrobe and necessary especially for those above a D Cup. Bras are not only there to look pretty or act as a tool of seduction they have a critical function – to support, uplift and provide shape and form to the bust. Ladies with fuller busts can suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain not to mention soreness. The weight of fuller busts needs to be handled correctly in order to reduce the tension and avoid sagging and that is done through a bra.  

We all have multiple bras, some are worn out, some don't fit quite as they used to and to be honest some never fit at all but we still bought them! All in all, women spend A LOT of money on bras, even if you buy budget bras on average a bra costs upwards of £20 and if your fuller busted on the high street it's usually £25 - £30+. High-street bras are usually produced for mass consumption, fast fashion which is designed to help give a decent level of support and look pretty but not designed to last. Specialist bras however are designed to last, the technology and manufacturing process behind them helps to ensure they are to fit and support in all the areas that needs it as well as the added bonus of them lasting a lot longer. 

If you buy a high street bra you will most likely replace it every few months, some last longer but overall, they are designed to last a short amount of time. Luxury brands like Prima Donna have a much longer shelf-life and they give specialist support. Prima Donna are the world-renowned makers of the best-selling 'Madison' and 'Deauville' ranges. The difference between a high-street bra and a luxury bra like the Madison is not only in the price and looks but the design process.  

The Prima Donna Madison bra is made up of astounding 45 separate components, which is three times more than the average bra. It takes 35 – 40 minutes to stitch and around 40 – 50 people involved in the making of just one bra. A price tag of £68 RRP (£61.16 At Belle Lingerie) it's definitely a few pounds more than the average bra. So, what makes it so special and is it really worth it?  

Well, to start off it's designed to fit and support exceptionally well for 69 different sizes! From a B – H cup and in back sizes 30 – 46 it caters to an impressive size range. Each bra has been rigorously tested from the delicate lace designed to give just the right amount of stretch, to the boomerang side panels designed specifically to give uplift, each and every part of this bra has been designed for a purpose and it delivers. Best-selling bras are exactly that for a reason, women all over the world leave glowing reviews about the Prima Donna Madison because it works and also looks pretty. Each piece has been sourced from around the world, lace from France, bows from the United Kingdom, Embroidery from Switzerland and fabric from Italy it's a true definition of a luxury bra. The range includes the classic Madison Underwired Full Cup Bra, a Horizontal Seam Balcony Bra and a Sweetheart Padded Bra. The Madison range also has a matching Body, and the choice of Rio Briefs, Full Briefs and Hotpant Shorts. The PrimaDonna Madison is available in Black and goes further in offering multiple shades of neutrals there is Caffe Latte, White and Natural

On average the PrimaDonna Madison bra lasts two years and with good upkeep this can be extended, for a specialist fit that is designed to give ultimate support and all-day comfort it really is worth investing in. The price tag reflects the manufacturing process and the fact that it is designed with 45 unique pieces all to help support your bust and give a good shape. At £61.16 with a life span of 2 years that's only £2.54 a month for one of the world's best-selling bras. That certainly sounds like a good investment to us!  

What are your thoughts, will you be investing in the Prima Donna Madison bra? Let us know in the comments below. 

Belle Xx 



Reader Comments

So is it worth buying likes of Primadonna?
Yes totally as you won't really wear a PD bra out if looked after they just fade.Fabrics used are A1 why there so comfy&supportive to wear every part works as one they regain shape quickly once taken off.
Written by DDtop, 25th June 2018 at 15:52:00
Fantastic service , refunded straight away for a bra that didn't fit perfectly. Do you stock the Fantasia bra Belle in an Ivory colour? Thank you .
Written by Michele Sherwin, 4th July 2018 at 18:54:00
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