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How To Wear A Bralette

Whether you want to dress them up or down, here's the low down!

Belle-Lingerie03 August 2023

How to wear a bralette

Bralettes occupy an interesting grey area between outerwear and underwear that can take a little time to get to grips with. Because they’re so versatile, bralettes can be worn in a number of ways - and all those options can make it difficult to know where you are when it comes to styling them. If you’re looking to incorporate a bralette in some fresh new outfit ideas, you’ve come to the right place.


How to style a bralette!


Part of the reason why bralettes are so versatile is that they come in a wide range of different designs. Some are more akin to sports bras, while others are lacy and lingerie-inspired, and others still are plain and simple crop tops. Naturally, the type of bralette you’re working with will affect the style of clothes you pair it with. Below, we’ve tried to cover as many bases as possible to help you style your next bralette outfit.


Can bralettes be worn as bras?


First and foremost, it’s important to remember that, while bralettes are great as tops in their own right, you can also wear them as undergarments. If worn under an opaque top with full coverage, it’s entirely up to you whether you opt for a lacy bralette or a sporty crop top. Either way, it’s unlikely to be visible at any point.


Where the bralettes-as-bras style really comes into its own is with lower coverage clothing. Think of those clothes where regular bras are too easily on show - racerback tops, halterneck dresses, plunging necklines and sheer, translucent fabrics. It can be tempting to avoid wearing these clothes if your bra is partially or wholly visible, but that’s where a good bralette can come in handy.


With a bralette, it doesn’t matter if it’s partially on show. In fact, it can even add to the look. A little bit of lace peeking out from a plunging halterneck dress can add an extra something to your outfit. Plus, this can give a touch of variety to those outfits where there isn’t much to switch up. Think dresses and bodysuits where you can only really swap out your knitwear and accessories - changing into a different bralette can refresh the outfit for another day.


Another situation where wearing a bralette as a bra comes in handy is when the weather is hot. If you’re heading for the beach, it’s natural to wear swimwear under your outfit so you can strip off once you hit the sand. But if you’re going somewhere else, that might not be appropriate. The solution? Wear a bralette. If you get too hot in your regular outfit, you can easily remove a layer of clothing and wear your bralette as a top instead - a great way to beat the heat.


Can you wear a bralette by itself?


Whether it’s your backup option or part of your main outfit, bralettes are an excellent choice to wear as tops in their own right. They come in so many different styles and colours that you’re sure to find one that suits you.


One way to wear bralettes as tops, which is pretty much foolproof, is to pair them with high-waisted trousers or jeans. The high waist on the lower portion of your body helps to counteract the higher hemline of the bralette, covering more of your torso. Need a bit more coverage? Add a jacket, cardigan, or shrug over your shoulders to complete the look.


Another option is to pair a short bralette on top with something short on your lower half. Opt for a pair of short shorts with your bralette and embrace a beachy look that’s perfect for hot weather. If you need a little something extra, a longline cardigan or a printed shirt are great candidates to provide that additional warmth or coverage. And if you prefer, switch out the shorts for a skirt of your choosing. When it comes to pairing clothes with a bralette, the world really is your oyster. 

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