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How Should A Bikini Fit?

How Should A Bikini Fit? | Belle Lingerie

Belle Lingerie21 January 2022

how should a bikini fit

How should a bikini fit?

Whether it’s travelling abroad, trips to the beach or hot tubs you’ll definitely want to slip into a bra that you’ll feel cute in, but even more important than that you need something that you’ll feel comfortable wearing. If you’re struggling to find the right fit for you, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. By the end of this guide, you will know exactly which bikini top and bottom is perfect for you!


With so many bikini set types to choose from, a lot of the time it can be awful trying to pick one out. But what’s even worse than that is when you find one that you really like but it’s the wrong size. To stay as far away from this situation as possible we are going to list some steps you can take to avoid getting the wrong bottom and top as well as the different bikini types that might suit you the best based on your personal preference.


Bikini Tops

Things to avoid:

·         If the underwire doesn’t fit snuggly underneath your breasts, then this means it is either too big or too small. To measure the right bikini size for you feel free to check out our bra fitting guide

·         You shouldn’t have any side spillage at the top or side of your body

·         The fabric of the bikini should never feel rough against your skin, it should feel natural and smooth to wear at all times no bikini is ever uncomfortable on purpose

·         A good indicator on whether a bikini fits you or not is to slide your finger between the fabric, if it feels secure but loose you are good to go but if it feels tight then you are most likely a size bigger

·         Straps are important to keep the bikini in place but it should never leave marks

·         The last thing to do would be the bounce test, dance your butt off in the mirror to make sure you don’t have any unfortunate bikini malfunctions in public


Which bikini top is right for you?

Non-wired Bikini Tops

We understand that wires in bras are not for everyone, sometimes they can be uncomfortable and as previously mentioned it doesn’t always fit well under the breasts. With non-wired bikini tops all of that is eliminated. 


Padded bikini tops

The strengths with padded bikini tops are that the foam inside pushes your breasts up and enhances your cleavage, this makes padded bikini’s great for a “dress to impress” type look. One we would recommend is the swim Mogador padded bikini top by Prima Donna.


Bandeau bikini tops

The unique thing about bandeau bikinis are they don’t have shoulder straps, which to many people make wearing the bikini much more comfortable. It can also double as a strapless bra from the front which you don’t get from many types of bikinis.

Bikini Bottoms

Things to avoid:

·        If your bikini bottoms feel too tight around the groin, then that is a sign that it’s too small. Best to avoid this as it can be really uncomfortable in certain situations

·        It shouldn’t feel tight around the waist either

·        On one hand if the bottoms are tight, it can leave marks and feel quite uncomfortable, on the other hand if it’s loose it tends to offer little to no support so try your best to find a balance between the two


Which bikini bottoms are right for you?

High waist bikini briefs

High waist bikini briefs are great for people who like a bit of modesty in what they wear, not only that but the extra coverage means that way less of you is going to get sunburnt. Some high waist bikini briefs that we recommend are the velvet high waist bikini briefs by Tommy Hilfiger.

Classic bikini briefs

These are the classics and the most common types of bikini briefs. They aren’t too long and they aren’t too short, they’re just right for gals that want that medium classy look. One that we recommend is the anya twist classic bikini briefs by Panache.

Brazilian bikini briefs

This one is more for the people who like the cheeky and flirtatious style. The rear side of these will make your bottom look amazing, and because they are usually tiny you barely get any tan lines. One that we recommend is the esprit sauvage brazilian bikini briefs by Aubade.

We really hope this guide has helped you pick out the best possible bikini for you, but if for whatever reason this guide has not helped you feel free to check out the bra fitting guide on our website, if this hasn’t helped this should give you some answers. See the bikini section for all the products we have mentioned above.

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