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Why do my bra straps fall down?

Falling Bra Strap Solutions

Belle Lingerie29 March 2021


How often do you find yourself adjusting your straps and yanking them up? Here at Belle Lingerie, we understand it can just be a faff during our daily routine to keep thinking about your bra straps. It’s annoying but fortunately, there is likely to be a reason why your bra straps fall down. Here are some solutions to keep your straps staying in place all day long.

Before we get to the solutions, here’s a simple thing to get you started – have you tighten your straps? The likely answer is yes. But did you know the perfect fit of bra straps shouldn’t be too tight or loose, you should just be able to fit two fingers comfortably under the straps?


Right Size, Fit & Style?

The majority of ladies who are constantly having to pull up their bra straps don't realise it is because they are wearing the wrong size, fit, or style. Is that you? Have you got stuck in a rut with your favourite bras and not even considered it might not be the perfect fit?

Firstly – size. The larger the band size the wider the straps are set apart so if you are wearing a big band size then you may find the straps are sitting too wide apart and that’s why they are falling. To fix this our first recommendation would be to go down a back size but to stop you from spilling out of the cups go up a cup size. By going up a cup size and down a back size will compensate for the overall fit but will also help narrow the distance between your straps. Finding the right size will be trial and error but you will thank us when you find the right size. You might even find you are a completely different size to what you always thought. To get you started on your size journey, check out our fitting guide.

You might think size and fit are the same thing and technically yes however when it comes to bras you might be the same size in two bras, but they might fit differently. This often comes down to different manufactures and brands. Here at Belle Lingerie, we have over 80 brands and every single name offers different fits. You might find a 34D in Panache fits you perfectly and your straps won’t fall down whereas a 34D Pour Moi bra isn’t quite right. Every body shape is different, unique, and beautiful and it’s just about finding the right fit to stop your straps from falling down. And what’s even better is you can browse through our wide variety from the comfort of your own home online.

Style can also be a contributing factor to why your bra straps are falling down. You might prefer a plunge bra or a balcony bra, but it might be what’s affecting the movement of your straps. For example, a plunge bra style is designed to push you in and up so the cups come around the outer side of your bust and therefore the straps are closer to your shoulder edge and nearer to falling off. Whereas a full cup bra or t-shirt bra is about encasing your boobs, so the straps are more central. The style and shape of your bras are such as personal choice, but if your straps are falling down too much and it’s bothering you it might be worth looking for a change of style.


Swoop & Scoop

The swoop and scoop saying have become a popular phrase in the bra community and you might have heard of it. But if you haven’t, it’s quite simple, it describes the motion you should do when you put on a bra to make sure you have the perfect fit, and all your breast tissue is in the cup of the bra. When you put on a bra, either a new one or one you wear every day, you should swoop your hand in your bra and scoop under your bust to push your boobs up and forward. You might be asking what this has to do with stopping your straps from falling down. If you haven’t filled the cup of your bra the straps are likely to be loose and therefore will start falling down. At the end of the day, the straps help keep your boobs in place, but your boobs also help keep your straps in place. By doing the swoop and scoop technique you can see if you fill the cup or not. And if not, you might need to consider a different size altogether. The aim is to fill the cup, you don’t want to overfill or leave any gapping.


Time for a New Bra

Bras do have an expiry date unfortunately and your straps falling down might be a sign of the bra coming to an end. Over time your bra will stretch out as the materials bras are made of can only last so long. The ‘expiry date’ of your bra can differ. The likelihood is your everyday bra will expire a lot faster than your nice date night bra. Your bras experience a lot from boob sweat to twisting and turning with your body all day long. And if you are putting your bra in the washing machine your bra is probably not going to last long. The stretching straps of your bra are one of the first signs it's getting old. The straps will slowly stretch over time and you will find yourself making them tighter and tighter until they can’t be tightened anymore. If you get to this point it's definitely time for a new bra. You will notice such a difference with your new bra; you won’t be adjusting it constantly or find your straps are falling down. Have a browse through Belle Lingerie bras to treat yourself to a new one.


Go Strapless

If straps really really bug you, why not get rid of them altogether and go strapless? Strapless bras have come a long way in the last few years and with new technology and materials, there is a strapless bra for everyone. And they are certainly a lot more comfortable than they used to be so we wouldn’t blame you if you decided to turn to strapless bras for everyday wear. Here at Belle Lingerie, we have over 100 strapless bras to take a look at. No matter your size, strapless bras are available from an A cup all the way to a J cup. And if you do want straps now and again, a lot of the bras come with detachable straps.


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