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Are Expensive Bras Worth The Money?

"Why should I pay more than usual for a bra?" We hear you say. Well, we're just about to answer that...

Belle Lingerie21 February 2020

At Belle Lingerie, we offer over 60 fabulous brands, with bra sizes ranging from A to K, for every budget, and as always, we endeavour to find you the best lingerie deals, from affordable brands, such as Pour Moi and Curvy Kate, right through to our luxury brands, like Lise Charmel and Prima Donna. It may come as a surprise to you that out of the 60 brands we stock, some of our most popular brands are our premium ones, that are often more expensive. Many people think that they cannot afford expensive lingerie, or they think that it is a waste of money. Whilst it's easy to see why many people think this way, with many modern day designer clothing brands massively inflating the price tag, just because the garment features the brand's name or logo, when it comes to premium lingerie, a much deeper explanation lies behind the higher price tag.

Is an expensive bra worth the money? Why would anyone pay so much for a bra? These are just two of the many questions surrounding potential investment in luxury lingerie, and while we acknowledge that the cheaper alternatives serve their purpose for their price, we would argue that luxury bras and luxury lingerie are definitely worth the investment. Our selection of luxury lingerie brands, such as Lise Charmel, Prima Donna, Aubade, Empreinte, Maison Lejaby, Marie Jo and more, have spent years designing each collection, with an emphasis on excellent craftsmanship, and high quality, durable fabrics that last longer than regular lingerie, to ensure the perfect fit for you!

So, what are the advantages of buying an expensive bra, or other premium lingerie items?

  • The aesthetic - Luxury look and feel
  • Comfort - Amazing fabrics optimised for a comfortable fit
  • Dedicated time designing the garments, to ensure a perfect fit
  • Durable build, with many luxury lingerie items featuring more fabric pieces than ordinary lingerie, for increased durability
  • Confidence - A good fitting lingerie brand can make you look and feel fantastic

Additionally, all of our premium lingerie is sustainable! In a world where everything has become 'disposable', buying into a luxury lingerie brand that offers long-lasting quality, is actually a very ethical thing to do, as it means your fashion carbon footprint is greatly reduced, therefore helping the environment! Our free UK delivery and free UK returns policy means that there are no disadvantages to buying premium lingerie with us, as not only do we have fantastic prices on our selection of luxury lingerie brands, with up to 50% off in our Luxury Boutique, but you can return your items to us, free of charge, provided you live within the UK and the items are returned in a condition that meets those outlined in our returns policy.

With that said, let's go ahead and take a look at some our bestselling luxury lingerie - and they're bestsellers for multiple reasons!


Prima Donna


This year, the parent company behind Prima Donna's fabulous collections is celebrating 100 years of crafting innovative and fashion-forward lingerie that is now loved by women all over the world! After being taken over in 1990, Prima Donna's focus shifted from purely practical to both creative and practical, unleashing an important evolution in the lingerie industry - the first fashionable lingerie collection for larger cup sizes! Since then, the Prima Donna brand has grown even more, expanding its product range into swimwear, accessories and a sub-brand, focused on the younger lady, 'Prima Donna Twist'.



The Deauville collection is by far Prima Donna's bestselling range. It encompasses all the things a woman needs, security and support, comfort, style and class. Featuring a Full Cup Wire Bra, a Comfort Wire bra, a Body, Rio Briefs, Full Briefs and a Thong, Deauville is available in array of different colourways on our website, with the most popular being Black, White, Natural and Caffe Latte. Out of the entire Deauville collection, the Full Cup Wire Bra is the most popular, and here are the reason's why:

  1. Welded straps that feel soft on the skin
  2. Doubled, 3 part cups that strongly centre and lift the breasts
  3. Underwires that are covered in a patented combination of 3 materials
  4. Extra elastic ribbon that guarantees a seamless fit of the upper cup
  5. Straps that are 1cm closer to each other than bras from other brands, to prevent strap slippage
  6. Strong and tight back band that supports and lifts your bust
  7. Comfortable and super soft, ribbon finish all-over, with soft, velvet, non-allergenic materials to avoid skin irritation
  8. Infamous and renowned U-shaped back structure, providing incomparable support and preventing strap slippage

So you see, whilst we can't deny there's a lot that meets the eye with Deauville, there's even more than meets the eye, in the way of its fantastic design, that's sure to keep you supported, comfortable and confident, throughout the day.


Prima Donna's second bestselling range is Madison. This collection is also available on our website, in an array of fantastic colour choices. The Madison collection boasts a slightly larger range of pieces, with a Full Cup Wire Bra, a Padded Heart Shaped Bra, a Body, Rio Briefs, Full Briefs, Hotpants, and a Thong. The Madison collections secrets are as follows:

  1. Strong lining, in the back gives extra support to the breasts, relieving the shoulders, back and neck
  2. U-shaped back helps to prevent straps falling down
  3. Straps are closer to each other to prevent dropping off the shoulder
  4. Elastic materials that give the bust a natural, rounded look
  5. A sophisticated, yet playful design that remains on-trend
  6. Patented, strong, yet supportive underwires, wrapped in 3 layers of fabric, to prevent uncomfortable poking
  7. Elastic, stretch-lace in the upper cups stretches in 2 ways to move with your breasts, even if they vary slightly in size

All of these fabulous features are often overlooked in cheaper alternatives, meaning that while a lower-priced bra may well serve its purpose in your everyday attire, it could actually be causing you more hassle, with uncomfortable wires and support that's not quite right, leading to poor posture.


Marie Jo


Marie Jo is a fantastic brand that meets its target market's demands for youthful and playful designs that are still durable and supportive. After its founding in 1981, just like Prima Donna, Marie Jo now also features a swimwear collection and accessories. Marie Jo also has a sub-brand, 'Marie Jo L'aventure', aimed at those who seek more quirky and extravagant designs within their lingerie drawer.



Marie Jo's bestselling range is the Avero collection. With an enlarged product range and divinely decorative, floral embroidered accents, Avero is a firm favourite amongst our customers, and is available in a variety of colourways on our website, ranging from the basics like Black, White and Caffe Latte, to Scarlet, Festive and more! The Avero bra's secrets are listed below:

  1. Iconic daisy straps that can be worn over the shoulder, or around the neck
  2. Heart-shaped cups to give the breasts a natural shape
  3. Deep, plunging neckline that allows you to wear clothes with a deep neckline
  4. Patented underwires, with a 3 layer fabric coating, prevent uncomfortable poking
  5. The checked tone on tone fabric leaves the cups smooth and soft, yet playful
  6. Straight back with silicone straps provides additional support, particularly whilst wearing as a halterneck

All of these amazing features showcase exactly why the Avero bra is worth the money, just in case the gorgeous checked design wasn't enough to win you over!

Lise Charmel


Founded in 1950, and seeking to elevate the confidence of, and sublimate women, Lise Charmel is renowned for its luxurious aesthetics and for having some of the most decorative straps and detailing ever seen within lingerie. Lise Charmel's boutique style is recognised across the globe. Today, Lise Charmel have positioned themselves as one of the most luxurious brands, within the luxury lingerie market and their fabulous collections, such as Soir De Venise are now staples in many women's everyday lingerie drawer.




As mentioned, Soir De Venise remains a firm favourite amongst shoppers in the luxury lingerie market, and with good reason! It's unique cup design ensures it is incomparable to any other lingerie and its quality craftsmanship, using only the highest quality percentage of the world's finest fabrics, makes it a fabulous investment, for both your confidence and saving money in the long run! Soir De Venise also features a Dentelle De Calais lace - a type of lace only crafted in very select parts of the world, on very few machines. The Dentelle De Calais lace is very different to ordinary lace found on less expensive bras, as it is much more resistant when washing the garments and is a much more durable option all-round, meaning your lingerie will last much longer!

Another truly luxurious fabric that Lise Charmel are renowned for using is silk. In addition to their Dentelle De Calais lace, the silk used in Lise Charmel's designs is among the best available across the globe. One of Lise Charmel's best-selling collections that features its infamous silk is the Splendeur Soie range. Offering the height of luxury, Splendeur Soie ensures ultimate comfort and the most luxurious style going. It's also much more durable than ordinary bras due to its fantastic craftsmanship and the exquisite embroidery that cascades the cups boasts a truly opulent look.

One thing all of these luxury brands have in common is fantastic, strong heritage. You can really feel and see the time and effort that has been dedicated to creating these beautiful collections and the intricate detailing. That's why, for us, premium lingerie is incomparable, those extra pounds spent on a luxury bra or a luxury bikini can really make a difference in terms of the fit of the garments, the lifetime of the garments, and most importantly, your confidence!

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