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Did You Know?

Here are the answers to some of the most searched questions about bras and lingerie!

Belle-Lingerie26 August 2022

Did You Know?

So here at Belle Lingerie we like to give you information about our new products, about any fit issues you could come across, and any lingerie dilemmas. Basically, we're like you're lingerie agony aunts, and yes, we love it!

So we've had a little think about what we haven't covered in these blogs yet. If you can think of any topics then please leave us a comment below! However, we have realised there are so many questions about lingerie and breasts in general that people love to Google. Sometimes people prefer to ask the internet instead of actual people and you know what? We completely get that, so ladies, we're at it again. Giving you all the facts, on the questions you have asked! Just remember the only silly question, is simply the question you don't ask!

1. When Were Bras Invented?

Well, in the 1850's prototypes of the first-ever bras were manufactured and marketed in a few countries, England, America, Germany and France. Then in the 1930s, the bra began to develop the features we know about and still use today. The use of letters for cup sizing, the usual hook and eye fastening and of course the adjustable straps. Refinements in the choice of textiles, colours, patterns and styles helped popularise bras amongst women. Bras began appearing in Hollywood movies and department stores which helped launch the style to the upper class. Historians Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau, who are the authors of Uplift: the Bra in America, found that American servicewomen were given bras as part of their uniform during the second world war and that then it soon became standard wear for middle-class working women.

The modern types of bras we know and love now came about in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the help of the giant fashion houses and fashion shows showcasing the different styles we're so used to seeing, such as the balconette, strapless, backless and push up. Bras nowadays are worn as outerwear as well as something for under your clothes. Made from comfortable fabrics for different shapes and sizes, bras are a staple of everyday life and here at Belle Lingerie we have so many brands, styles and sizes to pick from!

2. How Do I Know I'm Wearing The Right Size?

Okay, this has to be one of the most asked questions when it comes to lingerie. Sizing. It might sound like a science lesson but trust us. It isn't. It's actually really simple. We have a fitting guide which walks you through step by step, so it will help you find the best fit for you. All you need is a soft tape measure. Just a reminder though ladies, your size can fluctuate due to so many different factors, weight loss, weight gain, and hormones can all affect your bra size. So it's recommended you re-measure yourself every 6 months just to double-check.

It's estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra, so let's just double-check you're not part of that 80%!

3. Is It Normal To Have One Breast Bigger Than The Other?

It is normal! We're not 100% sure why this is the case. It could be from when you first hit puberty and your body grew quicker than one side than the other, or it could be down to your body anatomy. It is however extremely important to check your breasts, especially when you do notice some changes in size, shape, lumps appearing etc. Cancer Research has given information about what we should be checking for, and we would 100% recommend giving that a read. Light reading, but it could be life-saving information, and we just needed to share that with you.

4. Will Massaging My Breasts Make Them Bigger?

Basically, the long and short of it is simple, the answer is no. Despite what you've heard (sorry!).

5. Does My Bra Need To Be Washed After Every Wear?

No, it doesn't! Obviously, if it's been a particularly warm day and you've been sweating then it might be a good idea to wash your bra asap, but generally, every 2 to 3 wears should be fine. Remember ladies, hand washing is the recommended way to wash! But if not get a mesh bag and pop it in the washing machine with similar items.

6. Do I Really Need To Wear A Sports Bra?

This is a question we've seen a lot. Yes, sports bras will always be necessary. They provide support for your breast tissue, especially when you're doing exercises such as running, cross-training or stair masters. Regular everyday bras are not equipped to support your breasts during strenuous exercise like sports bras are. It's important to invest in a good-fitting, supportive sports bra asap if you haven't already!

We recommend the Shock Absorber Active Shape Sports Bra, the Anita Active Air Control Sports Bra and the Panache Sports Non Wired Sports Bra to name a few!

7. Bralettes Don't Offer Support

False. If you have the correct size and style to suit you, then actually bralettes provide great support. We stock up to 40J/JJ in bralettes so that everyone can have a choice between bras and bralettes. Contrary to popular belief, even if you're a fuller cup bralettes will still give you support. Check out our bralettes section and see what we have for you!

8. Do I Have To Wear Matching Underwear?

Obviously, this answer goes without saying, but no you don't. You wear whatever is most comfortable for you and gives you that boost of confidence. If that's matching underwear then you rock that matching set, however, if you want to wear that delicate lace bra and something more cotton-based for panties, then that's fine too. You know your body better than anyone else, so dress how you want and radiate confidence!

9. Should I Sleep In A Bra?

This is an entirely personal preference. There is no science behind the answer. Lots of women feel more comfortable wearing a sleep bra because their breasts stay a bit more ‘in place’ during the night, but then, on the other hand, others prefer to go without. It is entirely your choice. A sleep bra is usually a non-wired, comfy bra that is ideal for lounging too. Here at Belle Lingerie, we like giving you ladies options and choices, so if wearing a bra to bed is your thing then why not check out the Curvy Kate In My Dreams Sleep Bra. A soft and gentle addition to your nightwear attire.

10. How Many Styles Of Bras Is There?

Bras come in so many different styles. There are around 30+ to be exact. Everyone is different and we know that, so here at Belle Lingerie, we have categorised our bras into popular styles so it's easy for you to shop! We have balconettes, bralettes, full cup, half cup, padded, push up and strapless just to name a few!

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