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Discover True Comfort with Parfait Lingerie

Parfait design their bras with your comfort in mind.

Belle Lingerie05 August 2020

Get that wonderful balance of true comfort lingerie and looking fabulous! Parfait design their bras with your comfort in mind. Their feminine designs are made to get that perfect coverage and correct fit for everybody. Whether you are a D cup or an FF cup, you can get the right size which is key for your comfort. Parfait is size-inclusive and doesn’t focus on what size you are whether you are an A cup or a K, it focuses on the right fit.

The right fit will give you confidence, true comfort and will certainly make you feel sexy. Here are some of our tell-tale signs that your bra is not fitting you right and you need our Parfait lingerie to help.

The most obvious mistake – are your boobs falling out? No, we’re not talking about that super sexy plunging cleavage, we’re talking about your boobs spilling out of the cup. Do you find when you’re wearing a t-shirt you’re constantly adjusting, and you can see your breasts bulging out? It’s not comfortable, is it? Well, here’s the solution – Parfait Emma Plunge Moulded Bra. For true comfort, this bra has a seamless plunge to retain that sexy cleavage, but with the moulded microfibre cups and underwire this bra will give you a fabulous shape. If that doesn’t sound perfect, the straps are also adjustable, and you can detach them at the back, enabling you to wear the bra in a cross-back style. The personalisation of this bra will help fit and comfort to eventually help stop your boobs falling out. The Parfait Emma Plunge Moulded Bra comes in beautiful bare/nude colour to go with every outfit and has a faultlessly matched brief.


Are your boobs getting bigger and your bras are starting to feel tight, yet you don’t want to go up a size because your current size fits all your clothes flawlessly? Tight bra sound all too familiar? The Parfait Enora Minimiser Bra is your solution. This bra will be the right size for true comfort but will also minimise you at least 1-1.5 inches from the bustline so you can fit into all the items in your wardrobe. The fit combined with the three-part cups creates true comfort but to add a touch of style and femininity, the bra has been created with a black jacquard lace. This black bra has matching briefs to get that put-together feeling.


Our final pet peeve - the straps are cutting into your shoulders. Ouch! This is, unfortunately, a common sight, looks so uncomfortable and is so easily sorted by getting the right bra to suit your body. Due to Parfait focusing on correct fit for everybody, we could recommend every bra we have in stock for this issue. However, the Parfait Casey Plunge Moulded Bra will give you that ultimate true comfort and beautiful look, so it couldn’t be a better pick. This bra has adjustable shoulder straps to offer you a personal fit and stop cutting off the blood circulation in your shoulders. The moulded microfibre cups will give you that true comfort while the underwire will give that textbook support. As a plus, there are cute little details such as an accent bow and lace embellishment. Like all the Parfait lingerie we’ve mentioned, this black bra comes with the matching coordinates.




We could go on and on about getting the right fit but at the end of the day, we know everyone is different and has a different body shape, therefore, we highly recommend trying, trying and trying again. When you order your Parfait bra, we understand the first one you order might not be the right fit but don’t hesitate to return it and order a new one. Just like Parfait, true comfort and happiness of all our customers is key to us!

Have you tried any of the Parfait lingerie mentioned? What do you think? Let us know below.

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