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Boob Pain During Periods

Why Do My Boobs Hurt On My Period, And How Can I Stop It?

Belle Lingerie 23 August 2021

boob Pain During Period

Boob pain is a common sign that your period is on its way. Boob pain and mother nature often go in hand, but do you know why? We're here to explain the ins and outs and give you some tips on reliving that unwanted ache we all get from time to time.

The main cause of premenstrual breast swelling and tenderness is fluctuating hormone levels (we can't do anything about that, but we can advise you on what to do to relieve the pain and indulge in comfort). Your hormones rise and fall during your menstrual cycle, which varies for each individual. Estrogen (a category of sex hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics) causes the breast ducts to enlarge. Progesterone (a female sex hormone, produced mainly in the ovaries each month, and is a crucial part of the menstrual cycle and maintenance of pregnancy) production causes the milk glands to swell, both of these events can cause your breasts to feel sore and tender.

The main symptoms of premenstrual breast swelling and tenderness are having tenderness and heaviness in both or one breast. Dull and heavy aching in the breasts can also be a common problem among women and is often extremely uncomfortable. When suffering from premenstrual boob pain, your breasts feel very sore and delicate to touch. These symptoms often appear the week before your period and can disappear almost immediately when your bleeding begins. Having sore boobs can affect your day-to-day life, it can affect your everyday routine so it's important to understand why it happens and discover any ways to stop it. If your boob pain is severe and you feel it affects your day-to-day routine, then you can treat it effectively with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen. Although, trying to relive and cope with breast pain naturally is typically a really good place to start. Here are some tips on how to relieve or even stop boob pain.


  • Wear A Comfortable & Supportive Bra

Wearing a comfortable and supportive bra with help relieve any breast pain you may be experiencing. Bralettes and non-padded bras are a good option, as they will provide you with the most comfort whilst supporting your bust. Having that lifted support for your breasts will help prevent them from feeling heavy, which can also highly affect back pain. Here at Belle Lingerie, we know a thing or two about comfortable bras, and we understand the needs of women when it comes to finding the perfect bra. The Curvy Kate Unwind Bralette Top is an excellent choice for those who suffer from boob pain, it has a nice thick band that provides unstoppable support for your bust. The non-wired, non-padded cups will provide soft and comfortable wear and will definitely be soft upon your sore breasts. For those looking for something a little more lightweight, the Pour Moi Twist Cotton Wireless Bra is the perfect option. This bra has lightweight padded cups, giving your sore breasts the comfortable support they need. The soft stretchy fabric makes it easy to wear and not too abrasive on your breasts, perfect for those premenstrual boob pains!

  • Watch Your Diet

One of the most effective ways to support the natural balance of hormones is to optimise the function of your bowel and liver, these are the two main organs responsible for your hormone detoxing. Be conscious of the amount of alcohol, and try to limit your consumption a week or so before your period. As well as this, limit your caffeine and sugar intake. It's best to indulge in healthy foods like broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Although it's unclear how much caffeine influences breast pain, there are studies that suggest that the increase of caffeine within your diet can lead to breast pain as opposed to limited caffeine consumption. Try out decaff if you're a coffee-lover, or have a mug of refreshing raspberry tea - it'll help make you energised and allow you to limit your caffeine intake.

Sports Bras

  • Do Low-impact Exercise

Try out some light-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming, pilates, or walking. Participating in low-impact exercise will not only boost your mentality and overall mood, but it could help with minimising your breast pain. But remember, participating in high-impact exercise could potentially increase your breast pain so don't push yourself too much. When working out you need to ensure that your breasts are immensely supported. The Pour Moi Energy Zip Front Sports Bra is perfect for a supported workout. The zip front means it's extremely easy to put over your sore breasts. Another great option for those looking for maximum support during a workout is the Shock Absorber Multi Sports Bra, this bra is non-wired and non-padded, offering comfortable yet supportive wear.

We've established that sore breasts before a period are very normal and why we get them. We understand they can be bothersome, so if you suffer from breast pain then try out the tips we've mentioned above. If the soreness doesn't settle down and starts to affect your daily life, then you should speak to your doctor about your concerns.

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