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Measuring Your Bra Size At Home

Virtual bra fitting from home!

Belle Lingerie16 February 2021

measuring bra size at home

Need to know how to measure your bra size at home? Well, look no further! Belle Lingerie has expertise in all things bra-related, so we are here to help you find the perfect bra size. With bra shops closed this year, it’s never been more useful to know how to measure your own bra size. This blog will help you get that virtual bra fitting without having to leave your home. It’s not as complicated as you think. All you need is a flexible tape measure, a bra and something to write with. With our help, you can know your true bra size in minutes.

How to measure your bra size

To measure your own bra size, you first need to be wearing a non-padded bra or preferably no bra at all so you can get an accurate measurement. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure, don’t worry. Simply get a long piece of string and measure with that. If you mark on the string where you need to, you can later lay it out flat and measure to the marks with a ruler or stiff tape measure. You need to measure two areas: the band and the cup.

measuring bra size

Measuring your band size – Take your measuring tape and wrap it around your ribs directly under your bust (where your band would normally sit). You need to pull the tape so it is quite snug but not uncomfortable and then take a reading where the ends of the tape meet or where it overlaps. Make sure you round to a whole number in inches. Now if your reading is an even number, great! Note that down because that’s your band size. But if you have an odd number, you need to round up to the next even number. Don’t round down, even if you are closer to the lower number. You do not want your bra to be too tight and if it’s a little loose you can adjust with the hook and eye fastenings. For example, if you measured 35.2 inches, your band size is 36.

Measuring your cup size – Next, you need to wrap the tape measure around the body at the fullest part of the bust. This can differ between women as some have lots of breast tissue at the top and some at the bottom. You need to make sure the tape is quite tight this time and that it is flat against the skin. Make sure the tape is straight and not dropping at the back. Again, take a reading where the two ends meet. You just need to round this to a full number in inches. For example, if your reading was 38.7 inches, your cup is 39.

Converting your cup size – So I’m sure you know that cup sizes in the UK are a letter. So, we need to convert your cup measurement into a size. All you need to do is subtract your band size from your cup size and note down the difference. This number will tell you your cup letter. Use the table below to convert your cup measurement. Then you simply put your band size and cup measurement together … that’s your bra size!

measuring cup size

Start bra shopping!

Now you know your new bra size it’s time to start shopping! If your bra size is different from what you have been wearing, it is important to buy new bras. Please don’t simply ignore the size and continue wearing your old bras. Wearing the wrong bra size can be unbelievably bad for your health as it can cause premature sagging, back pain, neck and shoulder pain and bad posture. It’s time to delve into a new bra collection and get the support you need. You can shop by size with belle lingerie, simply click here > and then select your new size from the drop-down menu. If you love a bargain make sure you check out our special offers and our clearance where we have up to 80% off bras all year round! We have your favourite brands like Freya, Fantasie, Prima Donna, Panache and Elomi. Plus, some new ones to try like Tallulah Love and After Eden. Start browsing for new bras now.

shop new bras

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