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How to know if your bra fits properly

Top tips and do's & don'ts

Belle Lingerie23 February 2021

how to know if bra fits

Can’t get to a bra fitting? Not sure your bra fits properly? Well don’t stress, our team of experts are here to help. Check out this blog on how to know if your bra fits properly. We will run through the top tips to find the perfect fit and the biggest mistakes people make with their bra. Of course, once you’ve got the knowledge, its time to get shopping for a new bra. You can browse our full lingerie collection here >

Why is it important for your bra to fit?

Before we get into the details, it’s super important to understand why we are even doing this? Why should you care if your bra fits properly? Well, the number one biggest reason is your health. Wearing a bra that doesn’t fit can lead to a series of physical issues. For example, if you don’t support your bust you can experience breast pain and even irreversible skin markings as the tissue stretch the skin beyond the point of return. If your bra is too tight it’s not only uncomfortable but can lead to serious skin damage like chaffing, skin abrasion, cuts and sores. Poorly fitting bras can also give you awful back and shoulder pain, not to mention bad posture. But it doesn’t just stop at the physical. An ill-fitting bra can have negative implications for your mental health too! If your boobs are not supported this can affect the way you see yourself and the way you feel on a day to day basic. We want our boobs to look perky, round and uplifted right? And sometimes if they are not, that can get us down. If any of this sounds familiar then listen up … It’s time to check your bras fit properly!!

How to know if your bra fits properly

The Cups – The cups should encase the whole breast (depending on the style) and sit flat against the skin with no gaping. If there is gaping then your cup size is too big or you are wearing a bra style which isn’t right for your bust shape. If the cups are digging into the bust or there is spillage over the top then the cup is likely too small. You want your cups to sit snugly against the skin without the fabric wrinkling or the breast being squashed. There should be a smooth transition from bra to skin. If your cups ride up when you lift your arms, then they are too small.

The Band – Believe it or not, the band is crucial because this is what takes most of the weight and gives you the support. Your band should sit flat against the skin and be horizontal in a straight line all the way around your body. You can tell if your band fits by the hook & eye. You should be able to wear your bra on the loosest or middle setting when you first buy it. This allows you to tighten it when the band stretches over time. If the band is digging in and leaving marks then it is too small. If you can get more than 2 fingers under the band, it is too big. Make sure your band isn’t sitting too high on the back, most bras should sit just below the shoulder blades.

The Straps – Your bra straps should sit comfortably on the shoulders and not move much during the day. If they are slipping down and you are constantly having to lift them up, they are too loose. This is an issue because the straps are not giving you any support if they are halfway down your arms. If the bra straps are digging in or leaving indents, they are too tight. Try loosening them. If that doesn’t work, you may be wearing the wrong band size as the straps are taking too much weight.

The Underwire – If your bra has an underwire it’s important to ensure it sits in the right place. The underwire should sit underneath the breast and encase all of it. If the underwire is resting on top of the breast tissue then you are wearing the wrong size. Make sure to check the underwire isn’t on the breast tissue under your arms either. If you have one bust larger than the other you need to fit your underwire to the larger breast.

bra fit tips

Tips to get the perfectly fitting bra

  1. Get measured or measure yourself regularly
  2. Listen to your body as it tells you if something is wrong
  3. Throw on a tight-fitting t-shirt, if you can see the bra clearly then you are wearing the wrong size
  4. Understand your boob shape and buy the right bra for you
  5. Throw out your tired old bras and buy new ones – bras do lose their shape over time
  6. Read the washing instructions! Washing your bra incorrectly can damage the structure so they won’t fit properly


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