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Bra FAQ's

Bra FAQ's

Belle Lingerie18 January 2022


Shopping around for bras isn't a simple task. We may think it is, but it often comes with many questions. Luckily for you here at Belle Lingerie, we're the lingerie experts. We've made it our mission to make bra shopping as fun, easy and enjoyable as possible! So, if you have a question about your bras then we most likely have the answer for you. Throughout this blog, we're going to give you the answers to the questions you've asked, in order to make shopping around for a bra much easier. So, sit back and relax with a nice hot drink because, by the end of this blog, all of your questions about bras will be answered.


My straps keep slipping off of my shoulders, why does this happen?

If you constantly find yourself pulling your straps up throughout the day (which isn't a good look by the way, sorry ladies) then you probably find this really annoying and wonder why it's happening. First things first, try tightening your straps and if this problem still occurs, then we have a problem. Straps falling down could be a number of things. The first thing could be that your band size is too big and you may need to go down a band size. This is because the larger the band size, the wider the straps are placed, usually to accommodate women with bigger busts. The smaller the band size, the straps are set more narrow in order to accommodate a smaller bust. Another reason your straps could be falling down is down to your body frame. Hear us out, if you're a naturally petite woman and your straps are constantly falling down (even when wearing the correct size)then unfortunately it may be inevitable. But, not to worry, you could try a racerback style bra, this would securely and snuggly fit you and you wouldn't have the constant annoyance of straps falling down. The Cosabella Never Say Never Racerback Bra range is an excellent range to look into if you struggle with your straps constantly falling down. If you don't fancy wearing a racerback, then you could even look into purchasing some bra clips to use on your everyday bra, which will hold your straps into place, genius!


My bra leaves red marks when I take it off, why is this?

We all know there's NO better feeling than taking your bra off after a long day, it's probably one of the first things we do when we get home from a long day out. But, if you're seeing red marks around your ribs, back or shoulders when taking your bra off, that's not good. This can, over time, cause pain and irritation so it's good to look into solving it right away. Your bra could be leaving you with red marks due to it being too tight around the band, straps and cups. First off, if you're bra is leaving noticeable marks on your shoulders, try loosening the straps for a bit of breathing space. You should be able to snuggly fit two fingers under your band without struggle. If your bra is digging in on your breasts and leaving that uncomfortable (sometimes painful) mark in between your breasts, then you may need to go up a cup size and let your breasts breathe! If you've tried all of these things and looked into different sizes and still get these nasty red marks then you may need to opt for a nice breathable, comfortable and supportive non-wired bralette. We have a huge range on our website, ready for you to dive into and get the comfort you deserve!



I keep getting back bulge from my bra, why is this?

It's not ideal, is it? Back bulge underneath our clothes. Many of us aim for a smooth appearance under our clothes, that's why when our bra gives us back bulge it leaves us wondering why. First of all, let us start by telling you that if you're wearing the correct band size and getting back bulge, it can often be unavoidable. We have lots of shapewear available here on our website, to accommodate for those customers who it really bothers. But, there could be a reason you're getting that unwanted back bulge, including your band size being incorrect and too tight. If your band size is too small, then it's going to squeeze your skin and inevitably cause a back bulge. You could try going up a band size, in order to give your skin the space it needs to breathe. When shopping around for bras, look for thick and supportive bands, the Curvy Kate Unwind collection literally the bra of dreams if you're looking for great support and comfort.


My boobs spill out of my cups in my bra, why is this?

You might be thinking, why are my boobs spilling out my bra? Well, there are a few reasons that this might happen and it has less to do with the size of your breasts but more the size of the actual bra. If you are getting spillage then your bra is most likely too small, if this is the case then feel free to check out our bra fitting guide to get one more suited to your chest. Another reason could be that you are getting the wrong bra type. There are bras specifically meant to cover or centre your breasts so that these problems never come up. Examples would be any kind of moulded bra or a full cup bra, as long as you get the correct size these shouldn't give you any kind of issues.


My bras gape at the top, why is this?

We've all had that one awkward moment where we realise we are showing a bit more cleavage than we intended. To avoid the annoying issue of your breasts gaping you might want to lower your bra size. Also as a precaution, you should always check if you have properly adjusted your straps and check how tight the bands are, this is a good indicator on whether you need to decrease or not. However, if they are gaping but still sitting comfortably at the bottom, then you might want to consider getting a different type of bra. Padded bras are designed to push your boobs up to give them a fuller and more rounded appearance, if you go with these then chances are you will never have this problem.


Why do I find bras so uncomfortable?

The best feeling after a long day is to get home, take your bra off and slip into some comfy PJ's. We get it, bras aren't always the comfiest thing in the world, and some people's skin is more sensitive to having their boobs wrapped up than others. One way to counter this is to get a non-wired bra, this will still give you some structure to your curves while being infinitely comfier on your chest. A recommendation for people who are interested is to get a bralette, they look stylish and are made with comfort in mind.

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