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Best Bras for Support

What bras types give the most support?

Belle Lingerie19 January 2021

best bras for support

What’s the best bra for support? An age-old question particularly for those fuller bust ladies who need to keep their boobs in check. There is no one simple answer to this so keep reading as we delve deep into bra support. We are here to help you find the perfect bra for you with our top tips and of course recommendations for the most supportive bras.

The first thing to address with this question has to be fit. Now the most supportive bra will always be the one that fits you like a glove. You need to hunt around for that ideal bra type which works for you. We also suggest that if you are feeling unsupported by your current bras, maybe it’s time to get measured. Your bra might not be the problem but the fit might. Your breasts and back size can change drastically over time and your old bras will eventually lose their shape and adapt. So, it’s crucial to make sure you are wearing the right size. Check out our bra fitting guide here for tips on how to measure your own bra size. It also gives some great tips on how your bra should be fitting.

How supportive are different bra types?

So, you know your size and fit is all sorted, next it’s time to get technical. What is it that makes a bra supportive? The more you know about the construction of the good bra, the more likely you are to make the best decisions for your bust. Firstly, let’s talk about the wiring. One of the best indications of support is whether the bra has an underwire or not. An underwired bra is one with a thin piece of rigid material (like metal) which sits inside the fabric, just under your bust. There are lots of different types of wiring but all designed to lift, boost and support the breast. A general rule of thumb is, if it has an underwire, it’s likely to be supportive. Shop all underwired bras here >

But that’s not to say a bra has to have an underwire to support. Lingerie brands these days have really stepped up the game to cater for the fuller bust. So now brands have developed innovative ways to support without a rigid and un-comfy underwire. For example, the Curvy Kate Unwind Bralette has no underwire but supports with a thick and wide under the band. This goes all the way up to a J cup so you know it's going to supportive even big boobs. Shop all non-wired bras here >

Speaking of under bands, that is another way to know how supportive a bra is. A thick or wide under band usually means you can expect some great lift and support. The wider the band, the more support … generally. Not everyone knows this but the band of a bra is what takes most of the weight and does the heavy lifting. Many think that it’s the straps which lift but that’s not how a bra should be worn. If your band is too loose or not wide enough, you can put a strain on your shoulders and back. But it’s also great to find a bra with thick straps too. This does 2 things. 1. Helps to support the under band and give it a little helping hand. 2. Prevents the straps from digging in or slipping down. If your straps are halfway down your shoulders, how can they be giving you any support? The Berlei Classic Non-Wired Support Bra is a great example of a thick band and straps.

The next thing to discuss is the coverage. There are so many different bras out there now … full cup, half cup, open cup, balcony … the list goes on. But the key difference between all these bra types is the amount of coverage on the cups. A full cup bra will give you a great coverage as the fabric comes up quite high and encases the large majority of the breast. Whereas something like a balcony bra, only gives you half coverage as the material usually ends just above the nipples. But why does coverage matter when it comes to supportive bras? Well having a full coverage bra means your boobs are encased and secure which will reduce bounce and spillage. If you have a lot of breast tissue at the top of the breast you might find a full cup will be more beneficial to keep your boobs held in. Full coverage is also great for everyday wear as you can throw it on and not worry about your bust. There will be no spillage or unwanted cleavage plus you just have that feeling of encased security. Shop all full cup bras here >

One final point before we move on to recommendations is about side support. Side support bras have panels in the sides designed to push the breast inwards and give you a great forward projection. This is ideal for women who have boobs which point outwards or have a large gap between the boobs. There are so many bust shapes and each has different needs. A side support bra is not necessary for everyone but can be a lifesaver if you really want to push your boobs into a more central position. Side support bras usually have very sturdy wings and may have a powerful mesh lining. This simply keeps your boobs in place and stops them from spilling outwards and under your armpit. This kind of support is great for shaping your breast and manipulating them to get the shape you want. Shop all side support bras here >

supportive bra types

Best bras for support

  1. 7285 Panache Envy Full Cup Balcony Bra
  2. 9152 Fantasie Alex Side Support Bra
  3. CK018102 Curvy Kate WonderFull Full Cup Bra

Panache has taken all the best bits of a full cup bra and a balcony bra to bring you the most supportive mash up! The envy full cup is popular and for good reason. The full cup design gives you great coverage on the bust whilst still giving you contemporary style. A full cup is great for support but we still want to look sexy right? The top half of the cups are made from semi-sheer lace so you have the appearance of a half-cup or balcony bra but still get full coverage … genius. This bra also has an underwire and power mesh wings, for additional support. We also love this bra as its available in a huge range of colours to suit every skin tone and style.


You can always rely on Fantasie for supportive bras! This is a great example of a side support bra. With side panels, this bra gives you great forward projection and shaping as discussed earlier. It is non-padded but underwired to give you that lift and support from underneath the bust. This side support has even adapted the style for the bigger cup sizes. GG+ has an extra row of hook and eye to give you more stability and support with a thicker back band. It’s also a super-comfy choice for every day, “ordered a second one as it's so comfortable” – S Evans.


When we are talking about supportive bras for the fuller bust, how can we leave out Curvy Kate? This brand is dedicated to lifting, shaping and supporting big boobs. The Wonderfull full cup is one of our personal favourites for support. It’s sleek and elegant with a full cup which smooths out that bust. The cups fully encase each boob with sturdy yet comfy fabric. The upper part of the cup is made from a sensual stretchy mesh too. A high apex, super-wide back band and thick straps mean you are 100% supported and secure. Spillage is near impossible.


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