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Best Plunge Bras

Why buy a plunge bra?

Belle Lingerie22 January 2021

 best plunge bras

What is the best plunge bra? Why should I wear a plunge bra? Which plunge bra should I buy? So many plunge related questions which we think need an answer. Our expert team are here to help you buy the perfect plunge bra for you. So, check out this blog to have all your plunge questions answered and see our top recommendations for the best plunge bra. Who do you think will win? Freya, Curvy Kate, Pour Moi … keep reading to find out.

What is a plunge bra?

Before we deep dive into the best plunge bras out there, lets clear a few things up. Maybe you’re confused about exactly what a plunge bra is and what it does. Well, a plunge bra is essentially a bra with a deep v – neckline which plunges between the breasts to reveal your cleavage. A plunge will usually have angled cups which tilt down, more like a triangle shape. Whereas a full cup will have a more rounded shape. Typically, you get less coverage with a plunge bra than other types as it is designed to be low cut and show off your cleavage. Your breasts won’t be as contained as they are with a full cup but you can get plunge bras with great support. Shop all plunge bras here >

Why wear a plunge bra?

So why should you invest in a plunge bra? If you have never worn a plunge before, then now is the time to try. Millions of women globally love a plunge bra so you could be missing out. The number 1 thing we love about plunge bras is there is no gaping! If you are someone who struggles to find great fitting bras and always seem to have a big gap at the top of your cup … we feel your pain. But your gaping problems are no more! Plunge bras are generally high apex meaning the cup slopes up higher and join to the straps much nearer to the shoulder. This creates a more triangular shape which smooths out the top of the breast. There is fabric over the area which is usually prone to gaping thus no sudden gap where the cup ends.

If gaping is no problem then don’t worry, there are plenty of other reasons to buy a plunge bra. For example, it’s low cut. This can be a lifesaver for those low cut dresses and tops which always show your bra. A normal t-shirt bra or full cup will sit much higher up the bust so is likely to be seen. But a plunge has a cheeky v neckline so may be hidden away under your favourite dress. We also love a plunge bra for showing off your curves. Occasionally we all love to show off our assets on a night out or a special occasion. So, a plunge bra is a great way to expose that cleavage and feel a little bit sexy. Plunge bras also give you great support without compromising on style. You can find plunge bras with underwire, padding, elastic, wide straps … the list goes on. There are endless styles out there which give you varying levels of support. Larger cups do need that support but that doesn’t mean you have to always wear a full-coverage granny bra. You can show off your cleavage and still feel secure. Freya plunge bras and Curvy Kate plunge bras are ideal for this.

Best plunge bras

  1. 5421 Freya Wild Plunge Bra
  2. 932000 Lepel Fiore Plunge Bra
  3. 7711 Gossard Superboost Lace Plunge Bra
  4. CK5711 Curvy Kate Lifestyle Plunge Bra
  5. W02LN Wonderbra Refined Glamour Push Up Bra

Okay, so it’s time to countdown our favourite plunge bras from the best lingerie brands out there. There are lots of things to factor in including, style, support, popularity, quality and versatility. Each one of these plunge bras is loved by our customers so if you’re a plunge bra novice, you are in safe hands with these selections.

freya wild

First up is the Freya Wild Plunge bra. Available in 3 stunning patterns, you can have one of these plunge bras for every mood. The zebra and leopard print are fun and fiery but the midnight poppy gives you feminine floral vibes. This bra is underwired for the perfect support and uplift but non-padded for a natural look and feel. The fabric is soft and comfy while still giving you the firm support you crave. The top of the cups are made from a subtle lace to complete the look. This is the perfect plunge to brighten up your everyday lingerie drawer.


lepel fiore


The Lepel Fiore Plunge Bra is one to fall in love with because once you do, you are set for life. This bra comes in so many colours, you really can have one for every day of the week … or maybe even month. This plunge bra has a really unique look as the edge of the cups are scalloped for a feathered look. The cups are covered in a beautiful floral embroidery which really adds interest. Of course, this bra also has great supportive features too, such as an underwire and more of a fuller cup coverage than other plunge bras.


gossard superboost


So, if you really want to boost and lift for a cleavage that has an impact, then the Gossard Superboost Lace Plunge Bra is the one. This bra not only has a super low plunge but also has push-up padding! If the lift is what you want then this is one to try. The padding is only in the smaller cup sizes and can be removed making it even more versatile. The super flattering design really draws the eye towards the cleavage for a natural sexy feeling. Stunning lace all over the cups completes this cheeky look.


curvy kate lifestyle


Curvy Kate Lifestyle Plunge Bra has been around for a while and just gets more and more popular with time. The range also keeps expanding with new colours added and updates made. This is a plunge designed for the fuller bust with no padding, a supportive underwire and an extra thick back band. There’s quite a lot of adjustability with this plunge bra so you can play around to get the perfect fit. It’s great for everyday wear as it is comfy and has a simple, smooth texture. The cups are completely sheer for a cheeky exposure.


wonderbra refined glamour


Finally, the Wonderbra Refined Glamour Push Up Bra is one of our most popular plunge bras. Again, coming in a huge range of colours, this bra can match every outfit and season. This is a really great choice for low cut tops as the v sits exceptionally low between the cleavage. The cups are incredibly high apex with a smoothing waterfall effect. The cups are padded for a great lift but the whole bra is super soft and comfy. We love the unique lace overlay which adds a splash of glamour to your lingerie drawer.


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