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The Best Lingerie For Your Star Sign

What does your star sign say about your underwear?

Belle Lingerie16 November 2021

 best lingerie for your star sign

If you are into astrology then you will know that your star sign can say a lot about you! Some believe the placement of celestial objects in the sky can determine or have an impact on your personality and the choices you make. So if you love the concept of the zodiac then keep reading this blog as we explore what your star sign says about your lingerie. What lingerie choices are best for each star sign? Are you choosing the right underwear for you and does it compliment your personality? It's just a bit of fun, so have a read.



Aries are bold individuals who tend to dive in headfirst to any situation with confidence. You may be known as the one with no filter as you speak your mind without fear. You are fiery and always the daring one who is not afraid to express yourself. If this sounds like you, we think you can be as bold with your lingerie choices as you are with your other decisions. Push the boat out and explore new bold styles you may not have tried before. Open cup bras and plunge bras might complement your daring personality.



As a Taurus, you are probably quite a loving person who gives off warm and inviting vibes. You are quite self-indulgent as you enjoy the finer things in life and love to treat yourself every now and again. You are a cuddler at heart who seeks out relaxing and luxurious environments. With that being said, we think you should take a look at our luxury boutique as it is full of sumptuous lingerie and nightwear for you to sink into and fall for. Silk or satin lingerie could be a good choice for you as what is more relaxing and self-indulgent than smooth, glossy, luxe lingerie.



Gemini is the busy bee who is always full of beans! You are always busy and often feel like there needs to be two of you to manage everything that is on your plate. You are charismatic, sociable and will talk to anyone. Your witty and youthful energy is unmatched and you are very versatile, always having to adapt to your environment. If this is you, we think you need something practical and versatile that will support you in your busy life. A full cup bra is a great choice as it gives you the support you need to get through the hectic day ahead without any stress.



If you are a cancer, you are most likely a comfort lover who enjoys their comfort zone and is quite cautious with their decisions. You are intuitive when it comes to emotions and you often bare the weight of others problems. You are a kind and sensitive soul who likes to protect yourself and others. Sound familiar? We think comfort is key to making a cancer happy. Opt for non-wired and soft bras rather than wired ones with harsh materials. Check out our loungewear range so you can sit back and relax in style.



Leo is a bold character who is mostly confident in social situations and likes to be the centre of attention. Your theatrical side means you love the spotlight and like to stand out from the crowd. So your big personality needs to be matched and expressed by your lingerie. Opt for bras and briefs with a bold pattern or bright colour that packs a punch. Leo's are the perfect people to use lingerie as an expression of personality. Check out Curvy Kate for bold styles choices that speak your language.



As a Virgo you are probably quite logical and systematic, striving for practical solutions to everything. You are a problem solver who makes intelligent decisions for yourself and others. You are a bit of a perfectionist as you like to feel in control of your life. When it comes to personal preference you are quite modest and reserved, not wishing to stand out too much. Based on that, we think the classic t-shirt bra is the one for you. It's simple, full coverage and above all ... practical! You can wear a t-shirt bra under almost anything because it's simple, understated and smooth. The perfect everyday, logical lingerie solution.



Libra's are known for seeking harmony and balance, avoiding conflict as much as possible. You are a peaceful person who likes to keep the peace between others. You are pretty easygoing and you are a romantic when it comes to relationships. If you can relate then why not opt for lace lingerie? Lace is the most romantic material that feels soft and comfortable when you invest in quality. You may also feel at one with flowing and loose-fitting materials and fits. A babydoll is a great nightwear option for you as the free-flowing fit will feel peaceful and uncomplicated.



Scorpio personalities are usually quite powerful as you are forceful with your actions and words when you know what you want. You are intuitive but also very determined in all your decisions. You are emotional, getting easily excited whilst also exciting others. Scorpios certainly have a magnetic energy that is hard to miss. Based on this we think you can go bold with your lingerie to channel your powerful personality. We are thinking suspender belts, tight-fitting bodysuits and leather-look lingerie. Whatever you feel packs a punch and makes an impact



As a Sagittarius, you are always chasing new adventures and wanting to learn new things. You are an optimist at heart who has a carefree attitude and loves to feel free. You are friendly and honest but not afraid to give your opinion when you think it matters. Because you are a freedom-loving individual, why restrict yourself with your lingerie? Go for non-padded, non-wired bras where possible as this will leave you feeling like yourself, with no restrictions.



Capricorns can be quite disciplined and careful with their actions or decisions. You are probably the 'responsible one' who does what is right and always fulfils your duties. You are quite a motivated person but you can slip into a pessimistic attitude or repress your emotions. Based on this a balcony bra could be a great fit for your personality. It's a reliable classic that is supportive and practical. But it is a little cheeky with a lower cut which may help you express your inner emotions and find a little confidence.



As an Aquarius you are super loyal and an honest friend. You love humanity but you remain a little detached from anyone in particular as you follow your own path. You are very independent and can be unpredictable at times. You are a one of a kind, a true original. If you can relate then we think you should go outside of the box when it comes to your lingerie. Don't follow trends and fads but instead opt for unique pieces that excite you. Longline bras a quite a unique concept and are a little less common than other bra styles. We also recommend Coco De Mer for a unique and lingerie experience.



Pisces personalities are often quite romantic and undefined. You have no boundaries and are easily led by others if it feels right. You have a vivid imagination and you often like to fantasise. Pisces are a little dreamy and definitely easily distracted. Based on this we think you need lingerie that is easy going and versatile. Maybe a bra with multiway straps as this allows you to quickly change your outfit as your plan change. We also believe you should steer towards pastel colours as these complement your dreamy, romantic nature.

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