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Best Bras For Big Boobs

Fuller bust styles and brands

Belle Lingerie09 February 2021

best bras big boobs

Calling all big-boobed ladies. Don’t you think it’s time you find out what bra is best for you? Your curvy body deserves to be supported and flattered with the best lingerie. So, make sure you check out our blog on the best bras for big boobs. We take you through the best styles for the fuller bust and our favourite brands for larger cup sizes. Plus, the bras our fuller bust customers are loving the most.

Best bra styles for big boobs

As a fuller cup woman, it is super important to know what bra styles are best for you. Of course, there are no rules here, if you see something you love then, by all means, go for it! You can wear whatever you want and we are not here to stop you. But there are a few tips and tricks to make the most of your fuller bust lingerie drawer. It is important to give your bust the support it needs on a day to day basis. Not only to keep them looking perky and held in but there are also physical benefits to wearing the right bra. Not to mention the negative side effects of wearing the wrong bra.

If you don’t give your boobs enough support, they can sag prematurely as the unsupported tissue will stretch and drag downwards. No one wants saggy boobs when they are forty right? Lack of bra support can also lead to back pain as your back is doing the heavy lifting instead of your bra. Finally, the wrong bra or bra size can give you neck and shoulder pain as the straps dig in or aren’t strong enough to support your fuller bust. But enough about the negative. What can we do about it? Firstly, make sure you are wearing the right bra size. You can read our bra fitting guide here > if you want some tips and tricks. But aside from that, fuller bust ladies should follow these simple tips to find the perfect bra styles.

1. 3 part cups – A cup made from 3 separate parts is known for being one of the most supportive styles. The cup will have 3 distinct sections separated by seams. These seams make the cup sturdier with more structure, thus can better hold the weight of a large breast in place. This also means the bra will last longer as the seams make it less likely to stretch and become out of shape. A 3 part cup is also great for big boobs as it enhances your unique shape. The seams are at different angles to help create a specific shape for your breast. A vertical seam will push your bust upwards and a diagonal seam will push the bust inwards. This gives you great lift and projection.

2. Full coverage bras – This may be one you are familiar with as it’s one of the most common bra types for the fuller bust. The full cup essentially encases the whole breast and acts to keep those boobs in place. You will get a lot of support from a full cup bra. This is great for women who usually spill out of the top of a bra as the cup should come quite high and contain the tissue prone to spillage. Full cups are a great everyday choice as they can have a smoothing effect which gives you a seamless look under clothes and a great rounded shape. But full cups get a bad rep for being frumpy or dull. However, that is no longer the case! There are so many stylish and flirty full cup bras out there from the likes of Panache, Freya, Pour Moi, Felina and even Parfait. So have a browse.

3. Thickness – When buying a bra for big boobs, you need to keep thickness in mind. The thickness of the straps and band will determine the amount of support you can get from the bra. Generally, the thicker the better. A thick band will give you extra support as the band is actually what does a lot of the lifting. The thicker band will take some of the strain away from the shoulder straps thus giving you a lighter feeling. The thick straps will be less likely to dig into your skin than thin straps, so should give you more comfortable wear. They also have a more flattering look as they sit nicely on top of the skin rather than creating bulges where we don’t want them. Curvy Kate is great for thick bands and straps.

4. Underwired bras – I am sure you have plenty of underwired bras in your drawer by now but do you know why you should keep buying them? An underwire is a piece of metal which sits under the bust to support and shape big boobs. The underwire gives you a little lift for a perkier shape and takes a little weight off the shoulders too. The underwire can do wonders for your posture as the sturdy supports means your boobs won’t drag you forward. Underwired bras are great for everyday wear but you can get away with wearing a non-wired bra every now and again.

best bra styles for big boobs

Best bra brands for big boobs

  1. Panache
  2. Freya
  3. Elomi
  4. Parfait
  5. Curvy Kate
  6. Prima Donna
  7. Pour Moi
  8. Playful Promises
  9. Scantilly

Bra shopping for big boobs can be daunting and disappointing as we know the struggle of trying to find flattering and supportive bras. But the world of lingerie has become much more inclusive and is innovating to bring you the best bra styles for large cup sizes. Your classic household names like Panache, Elomi and Freya will always be great at providing you with fuller bust support. But you can look beyond these brands and try something a little different. Parfait for example gives you feminine and pretty, everyday lingerie styles for large boobs. Pour Moi and Curvy Kate are newer to the market but are quickly becoming favourites for supportive but fun bra styles. If you a looking for luxury then Prima Donna is a must! Or maybe you are like all things seductive? Playful Promises and Scantilly are bound to tempt you. Belle Lingerie and all our customers adore these fuller bust brands. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting bras for big boobs … so stay tuned.

Best bras for big boobs

panache envy full cup bra

First up on our list of the best bras for a fuller bust is the Panache envy full cup. This is a super popular style which has been adored by our big-boobed ladies for a while. This bra gives an exceptional fit with a lot of adjustability and a stretch lace on the cups. This means the top of the cup blends with your body to adapt to your curves and give a snug, supportive fit. This bra looks like a balcony style bra but actually gives you great coverage all over. The cups are underwired for a boost and lift. The cups are also laminated to give you good shape while the side sling creates a supportive forward projection. Our customers give this panache bra a 5-star rating. “This is the third of these bras that I have, they're really comfy and supportive. Great fit” – C Brown

parfait charlotte padded bra

Give Parfait lingerie a try with the Charlotte padded bra. Now we know as a bigger bust you may not usually go for a padded bra. But this really is the perfect padded bra for the fuller bust. Going all the way up to a H cup, this padded bra caters to the bigger cup sizes perfectly. This bra comes in a few different colourways which actually make it look like a completely different bra. Again, this bra has a supportive 3 part cup but it’s also foam lined for comfort and great shaping. There is a side sling for side support and forward projection, plus an underwire for lift. The back is made from a power mesh which gives even more support and stretch for a smoothed out finish. The back is u shaped to stop the straps from falling down too. This is definitely one to try for every day.

curvy kate lifestyle plunge bra

Looking for something a little more alluring? The Curvy Kate lifestyle plunge bra is a great everyday bra for the fuller bust but with added sex appeal. The flirty and feminine style shows off your best asset with a cheeky sheer fabric. There is no lining or padding so you can see straight through this bra and show off your natural shape. You still get great support through with sturdy 3 part seamed cups which manipulate the bust inwards and upwards. This bra is lightweight, comfy and playful but still gives you all the fuller bust support you need. It’s designed with an underwire and an extra thick back band to ensure your bust is kept in place and secure all day. The lifestyle bra plunges slightly at the centre to show off just a touch of cleavage. Overall, this is an incredibly supportive and flattering bra for big boobs and definitely one to try. “Beautiful bra, great fit and bargain price” – R Barton.

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