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Body Positivity with Lauren Dungey

The first in our series of body positive blogs...

Lauren Dungey 13 November 2017

I’m Lauren Dungey, I’m a 22 year old full time mum and part time barmaid from Somerset. I love muddy duck walks and dancing around with my little one. I also love to blog and love a good natter with a coffee and a biccy! I am also a self-confessed undies addict, I love lingerie and adding to my ever growing collection!

Body positivity is what it says on the tin for me, it’s being positive towards ALL bodies. Every body is beautiful regardless of size, race, gender, ability. It’s an all-inclusive movement that is changing people’s views all over the world and its changing lives. Body positivity has not only given me the confidence to just be me and be happy, its taught me not to be so harsh on myself. Not to punish my body and to be a bit kinder. It’s taught me to forget about silly little numbers like what the scale has to say or the label on my jeans. It’s taught me to just be happy. My body positive journey started around a year ago, and I never would have thought I’d have a relationship with my body like I do now.

When I was younger the only role models for body image I had were the ones in magazines, the ones that had been photoshopped or had really successful weight loss, mainly celebrities. I don’t think I ever read an article that focused on a woman who was just happy being herself. I don’t think I ever saw a woman with stretch marks or cellulite and as I’ve developed them I’ve realised almost every woman has them, they are normal and they are certainly not flaws like they are made out to be. I know things are changing slowly through social media but diet culture still takes over and for me I think it’s so important to keep spreading the body positive message so that we break the cycle of poor body image, poor self-esteem and body judgement at any age.

For anyone that’s struggling with body confidence all I can say is give yourself a break, make a list of all the parts of you that you do love, on paper or in your head. Even if it’s small, like your hair looks great today, just tell yourself. Also paying compliments to other people, if you love something about someone tell them! Making someone else feel good naturally makes you feel good. Talk to yourself and your body the same way you talk to your best friend, you’d never tell her she needs to diet or that she was ugly would you? So why tell yourself! Be body kind.

We all have bad days, and when I do I like to look in the mirror, focus on everything that makes me happy about my body like my stretchmarks or my pointy ears and then have a cup of positivtea, take 5 minutes. Then think positive thoughts, think of things you can do. You can bake a mean Victoria sponge, you tell the worst jokes but your toddler loves them. Focus on the positives, you are so much more than you think. We all have body hang ups sometimes just try not to focus on them.

A good set of lingerie can instantly change my mood, put it on, feel sassy, look in the mirror and see how gorgeous it makes you feel. It doesn’t have to be for anyone it just has to be for you. And if you’ve got the confidence take a photo or ten! Then do it! Lingerie doesn’t just have to be for holding those bappys up its there to make you feel good that’s why it’s so important to get the right fit, shape and style for you. The right bra can instantly make your day, no one knows what underneath so feel naughty wear that pretty set and let your confidence shine through!


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