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Racerback Bras - the style you need.

What is a racerback and do you need one? We say yes!

Belle03 August 2017

We’ve noticed an unusual spike this week at Belle Lingerie of customers specifically asking for racerback bras. So, we thought we’d do a roundup of the most popular ones and give you the low down on the benefits of the racerback style.

What is a racerback bra?

A racerback or a J-hook style is the unique centred position of your bra strap when it meets in the middle between the shoulders. The style is highly versatile and adaptable, and is a great option for when you feel your straps can’t stay up or are constantly falling.  

Why do I need a racerback bra?

The racerback bra has a more ergonomic design and is great for women with larger busts. The design helps to evenly distribute the weight of breasts and adds an extra lift factor at the back. It’s also more comfortable as there is extra support.

As the weight is more evenly distributed across your back a racerback style can improve alignment and help in reducing stress on the back and shoulders which makes it a great option for all women.

Racerbacks are also super great for when you are wearing a racerback top or dress as the straps can be neatly hidden under clothing, so you can avoid multiple straps showing!

How do I put on a racerback bra?

Racerback bras which fasten at the front are some of the easiest bras to fasten and style. Simply slip it on as you do a cardigan, one arm through each arm hole and fasten securely in the middle of the chest using the hook and eye fastening, or whichever fastening your bra comes with. These are ideal for those ladies with limited movement or who struggle to fasten bras behind there backs. What's not to love! If you're wearing a J Hook fastening bra, then simply pop on the bra as you normally would and then fasten the hooks which should be around the adjustable clips on the straps. Very similar to a hook and eye fastening!

Which racerback bra do I need to buy?  

The choice is endless! The great thing about the products we have here are many of the styles shown below have a standard strap which include a J-Hook allowing you to adapt the style as you need. If you feel you only want a racer-back to go with certain clothing you can easily remove the hook and switch to your normal style. The only thing left is for you to choose which one is best for you. 

The racerback strap is usually associated with the sports bra however the styles shown highlight how with the clever addition of the J-hook you can now have your racerback in your everyday wear bra.

There’s also more sexier racerback options such as the Gossard Superboost (shown below). The racerback also works great in swimwear its adjustable, can provide a better fit and it stands out compared to normal straps, especially in vibrant prints such as the Pour Moi Grr collection.  

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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