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Swimwear: active wear v beach wear

19 June 2017

Swimming is fantastic exercise for anyone; it’s non weight bearing, it gives every muscle a workout and you can do it at any pace you choose. No wonder it has such wide appeal. But what to wear for the pool?

If you go along to any pool you will see women wearing a variety of styles of swimwear. For some, the local pool is no different a concept to going to the beach and they will wear the same type of swimwear to both. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you feel comfortable with, however if you are intending to swim fairly regularly for fitness it is worth getting yourself something a bit more functional, for the following reasons:

1. Comfort

If you’re going to be in the water swimming for up to an hour then you need be comfortable. Holiday swimwear can of course be comfortable but things like under wires, thin straps and halter necks can be felt while you’re in the water and that’s not what you want to be thinking about while you’re having your workout. Active swimwear can still give you support through shaping and elastic underbands but they won’t dig in. Cross over, racer back straps will also give your shoulder blades a better range of movement in the water.

2. Fit for purpose

If you’re planning to go swimming a couple of times a week that’s a lot of exposure to chlorine. Sports swimwear tends to be more robust in terms of fabric and fastenings and as long as you follow the care instructions, they should last a long time without bobbling or going thin. Most are also made from quick dry fabric which makes which makes caring for them a bit easier.

3. Coverage

Many holiday swimsuits and bikinis are designed to enhance your assets and minimise tanning straplines. That is fantastic for the beach but plunge bras, strapless designs and skimpy bikini briefs are not necessarily what you want in your local swimming pool. Active swimwear gives you all the coverage you need and keeps everything in place – nobody wants to lose their bikini bottoms when they dive in or find themselves ‘popping out’ during an energetic aqua Zumba class!

4. You look the part!

Wearing a proper sports swimsuit or set says that you are serious about your swimming and if you look the part, it helps you feel serious about it. Active wear is whole sub-trend in itself so there is an amazing choice of really cool looking swimwear that gives you extra kudos in the pool. Clever colour details and cuts can also be very flattering so you don’t have to compromise style for function.


Active swimwear isn’t limited to swimsuits. Our range includes crop tops and tankinis and bottoms so it’s still really flexible. Here are our favourites from our range plus a couple of items from our mainstream swimwear range that are also pretty good for swimming if you’re not sure about going completely down the active wear route.





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