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The Breast IQ Test

Take our latest Breast IQ Test to see how much you know about your bazookas.

Charlotte Topping12 November 2015

belle lingerie breast iq test

The world of breasts, boobs, bazookas, knockers, however you refer to them, is very complex and there are so many interesting facts about these assets we carry around with us every single day. Why don’t you take our ‘Breast IQ Test’ to find out how much you know about your boobs?   

1. Every woman has one breast larger than the other, but generally which breast is usually bigger? 

A. Left      B.Right

2.In which US state is it legal to walk around topless? 

A.Indiana      B.New York      C.Utah

3.How much does the average breast weigh? 

A.3.4lbs      B.1.1lbs      C.5.2lbs

4. Which female celebrity has a champagne glass shaped after their breast? 

A.Kate Moss      B.Jennifer Aniston      C.Rita Ora

5. What percentage of woman are wearing the wrong bra size? 

A.20%      B.50%      C.80%

6. What is the UK’s most popular bra size? 

A.38DD      B.34B      C.36D

7. The world’s largest known natural breast size is? 

A.48L      B.48V      C.48.O

8. In which year did ‘The Sun’ newspaper feature its first topless page 3 model? 

A.1970      B.1979      C.1983

9. Which European country has the largest breasts? 

A.Spain      B.Italy     C.UK

10. We are the only primates with permanent breasts. 

A.True      B.False

belle lingerie breast iq test woman thinking banner

Answers:  1.A  2.B  3.B  4.A  5.C  6.C  7.B  8.A  9.C  10.A


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