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Which Strapless Bra Should I Choose?

Find out which strapless bra is your new best friend

Belle Lingerie10 June 2022

Summer Staples

Restrictions are finally gone, and summer is almost here. So we want to know what your summer plans are. Finally going on that holiday you've been planning for years? Spending time with your girls in those beer gardens? Or just having you time. Whatever it is, we have you covered for every event. Now before some of you run for the hills at the thought of buying a strapless bra, let's cover all bases and really get to know the how, what, where and when, behind them shall we? Deep breath ladies, we're diving in.

Strapless bras are essential for summer. Under that cute summer dress for date night, under your favourite racerback tank top for a day at the beach or for your wedding day under that special dress that makes you feel like a princess. No matter what the occasion, the fit and feel of a strapless bra should make you radiate confidence. We know beauty and confidence comes from within, but a great strapless bra, well that helps too!


So let's Talk Strapless

First of all, let's address that elephant in the room shall we, yes you can wear a strapless bra if you're fuller busted than a D cup and have a bigger back size than a 36, and no it won't fall down provided you get the right size!

Multi-way or strapless, both mean the same thing, basically it's telling you strapless bras can be worn in multiple ways, convertible with the use of straps it can be worn strapless, with one strap, cross strapped etc, the possibilities are endless. Meaning realistically we all should own at least one in our wardrobe! They're useful, almost as useful as ice cream on a hot day (almost!).

We recommend purchasing your strapless in a core colour such as Black, Nude or White, that way it will go under most clothes and not be seen. 

Top Tip: Nude bras are better under white clothing, contrary to popular belief white bras actually show under white clothing more than nude. Try and buy a nude bra that's as close to your skin tone as possible, trust us on this one, it works!

The Backband

If you've read our bra fitting guide (and if you haven't we recommend you do!) you'll know that 80% of a bras support come from the backband, not the straps, or the cups, but the band itself. So in a strapless, we completely understand some people's worries about them falling down as they don't have the added support of straps. However, many strapless bras come with an 'anti-slip grip' which is a silicone type material that is added to the backband. This sticks to the skin providing extra support and essentially helps keep the bra in place.

On the topic of backbands, some can be wider than others when it comes to strapless so bear that in mind when searching for your perfect match. Wider backbands are ideal for a smoothing effect on the back which we know is a feature a lot of ladies want! Check out the 'Curvy Kate Smoothie Strapless' in colours black and latte. A summer staple if we've ever seen one!

Centre Gores

Centre gores on strapless bras are sometimes thicker than others. Depending on how you want them to lift and the coverage you desire, you might find some styles suit you better than others. The 'Prima Donna Every Woman Strapless' has a higher up centre gore which structures it more as a balconette style. Ideal for fuller busts and those who may be bottom-heavy in the cups, it gives a natural and flattering look. The fabric is smoothing which is ideal for summer so that it can be worn under pretty much anything.

If you're wanting something a little smaller in the centre gore then look no further, we have the perfect bra for you! The 'Royal Lounge Intimates Royal Magic Strapless' is dainty with a slimmer appearance which focuses on the lift it gives you. Similar to the Prima Donna, it has a smoothing cup making it a staple summer bestie for under all your outfits.

Something A Little Different

Bandeaus are a cute alternative to the ordinary strapless bra. Still, with the same concept, a bandeau usually has a layer of lace or a funky pattern, so they can be worn to be seen! The majority coming in alpha sizing, bandeaus are a great way to add something extra to your summer wardrobe. Take a look at 'Cosabella Never Say Never Bandeau' to see what we mean! (ps. There's a size converter in the write up so you can find the best alpha size for your bra size!)

Now hear us out, longline strapless. Yes, it's a thing. Check out 'Parfait Amber Strapless'. With its extra boning and strong underwire, it's ideal for those with a fuller bust or for those who don't like the underbust 'roll' (completely natural by the way!). It is adorned with lace but paired with a flowy shirt, open slightly with some high waisted jeans or cut-offs and some statement shoes, you're bound to ooze confidence this summer!

Lace or Smooth?

Practicality is something that should be very loosely applied when searching for bras. We mean loosely because sometimes you just have to buy the ones you fall in love with! Even if that does mean it isn't the best for under that bodycon dress in your wardrobe, it simply means you'll have to invest in two (we know you're sorry, not sorry!).

Lace strapless vs smooth isn't really a fair fight, sometimes you need things to be seamless and for others, you might want to feel a little bit more flirty and seductive. We love the 'Marie Jo Pearl Padded Strapless' as a lace option or the 'Panache Porcelain Elan Strapless' as a smooth option.

So the consensus is to buy both a lace and a smooth strapless. That way you can reach for two different summer options and both can suit different outfits. Problem solved! You're welcome!

So What Have We Learnt? 

Remember ladies, bras can be worn to be seen! It's the 21st century after all! Your bras are and always should be, your friend for life. So let's make sure we treat them like that! Come shop our strapless section, we promise you'll be able to find one to suit all your needs. Find your favourites and pass us a cocktail because we're ready to shine this summer and so should you!

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