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Underwear Mistakes You Could Be Making

Read this blog to understand the underwear mistakes you could be making

Belle Lingerie28 December 2021

Underwear Mistakes You Could Be Making

Buying lingerie isn't as straightforward as we think. There are many things we have to take into consideration. We not only search for a beautiful lingerie set, but we need it to be comfortable, supportive and the fit needs to be PERFECT. It's not all about the look and the fit, some underwear mistakes could be detrimental to your health and comfort. So, in this blog, we're going to be highlighting all of the underwear mistakes you could be making. If you find your bra doesn't fit right or your pants arent comfortable, there could be a very valid reason as to why. Keep reading for the ins and outs of lingerie mistakes.




Number one is that you're not wearing the right size. Whether this is the case with your bra or pants, if you're wearing the wrong size it can be terribly uncomfortable and definitely unflattering. Wearing pants that are too small can make your (down there)  too humid and hot, which can lead to bacteria growth and possibly even infection. If you're wearing a bra that's too small, it can cause harmful and uncomfortable pain problems. The underwire digging into your back and chest will most likely rub and burn your skin and eventually cause a nasty rash. The solution to having uncomfortable underwear and the detrimental thing to consider is to always wear and purchase the right size. Don't ever hesitate to order more than one size and have a feel on the comfort (this only applies to bras, of course). Read our bra fitting guide here, for more in-depth advice on size. For pants, make sure you test and trial size to ensure you're wearing the ultimate comfort that you definitely deserve.




Another big mistake a lot of us tend to make is using too much detergent. Not only this, but you may not be using sensitive detergent. This is extremely important as using too much detergent in your underwear wash can cause irritable pain and discomfort. The skin down there is a lot more sensitive than anywhere else (besides your eyelids, duh - irrelevant). This means wearing pants that have been covered in strong detergent can easily irritate that area. Not only that but the fragrances and chemicals in things like dryer sheets and detergents can even make your skin burn or itch. The solution to this problem is to try and aim to wash all of your lingerie separately from your other laundry items. When washing your lingerie, use soft and gentle detergents, or even better, look out for a hypoallergenic brand that will really care for your skin and decrease the chance of irritability.




Another extremely common mistake you could be making is the fabric that your lingerie is made from. Cotton is the perfect option for your lingerie. This fabric is soft breathable and comfortable for all your skin's desires. Lace, polyester, and other synthetic fabrics can hold in moisture and heat, which can not only cause irritation but create the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow in. The solution for this problem is to search for cotton lingerie, although it may come across as more expensive, it is most definitely worth it. If you have to wear underwear made from other materials or you refuse to get rid of your favourite cotton-free pair, try to save them only for special occasions or for shorter nights out.




Now that we've highlighted the mistakes you could be making with your underwear, we hope you'll keep our tips in mind. We know that finding the perfect lingerie is something we all hope for. We can never have enough lingerie, so shop our newest arrivals here and see if there's anything that catches your eye.



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