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Sustainable Lingerie

How to be eco-friendly with underwear

Belle Lingerie23 March 2021

sustainable lingerie

As we know, the planet is in a state of environmental emergency, with air and land pollution the front runners in our global issues. Now is the time to act and there are things we can all do to help the effort to save the planet and make a better future for everyone. So, start with your lingerie! The fashion industry is a large contributor to the environmental problem with single-use plastic and fast fashion driving waste and pollution. But companies are making efforts to change, including Belle Lingerie. Check out this blog about sustainable lingerie and what you can do to be more eco-friendly.

What is sustainable lingerie?

Let’s first briefly discuss sustainability in general to give you a better understanding. Sustainability is all about being able to continue to exist or maintain the same level of something. In this case, we are talking about sustaining life on this planet. That seems like a big task and not one person or business can tackle that alone. We all need to make changes and work toward the same goal. Lingerie brands have recognised this and started to develop more sustainable ways to produce their bras and briefs. Brands like After Eden and Pour Moi have developed lingerie made from eco – friendly materials. Some sustainable lingerie has been made from recycled materials so rather than using lots of energy and resources to make something brand new, they have reduced their carbon footprint by recycling and repurposing existing materials. This also reduces land pollution as materials destined for the landfill are now collected and reused. It’s all about thinking creatively and giving existing materials a new lease of life. Other lingerie brands have begun using eco-friendly materials which will not harm the environment once they are finished with. For example, some bras are made with biodegradable fabrics.

pour moi sustainable bras

Why buy sustainable lingerie?

The number one reason to buy sustainable lingerie is to make a positive impact. You may feel small and like your actions are insignificant, but they absolutely are not! If everyone in the world believed their actions were too small, then nothing would change. But if we all make a big effort to change our behaviour and be more conscious of what we wear and buy, we can collectively make a very real positive impact. Buying sustainable and eco-friendly lingerie is one simple change you can make today. It feels good to go green too! You will feel proud of yourself for choosing more sustainable lingerie as you know you’ve done something good for the planet. Sustainable lingerie won’t break the bank either. The eco-friendly bras we stock are no more expensive than the bras you have been buying for years! Sustainability is the next ‘cool’ thing as many are predicting a major shift in the way we think about fashion. So, don’t get left behind. Be a trendsetter and encourage others to follow.

Sustainable lingerie

  1. Sloggi Wow Comfort 2.0 P Padded Bra
  2. Pour Moi Love Front Fastening Padded Bra
  3. After Eden Basic Single Boost Gel Bra
  4. After Eden Basic Two Way Boost Gel Bra
  5. Tommy Hilfiger Organic Cotton

Here are just a few of our favourite sustainable bras but we are sure there are many more to come as lingerie brands move towards an eco-friendly future. Sloggi have created a range of super comfy bras which contain eco-friendly elastane and mesh inserts. Check out the Sloggi Wow Comfort 2.0 Padded Bra here > Pour Moi has also dipped its toe in sustainability as this brand has created the Pour Moi Love range. Cute bras and briefs made with recycled lace. Rather than creating brand new lace from scratch, Pour Moi have reused and upcycled existing lace (it’s still hygienic don’t worry). Next, we need to talk about After Eden. This is a relatively new brand but we are loving the collection as this brand is dedicated to creating sustainable lingerie. After Eden have a whole collection of bras made from recycled materials! This brand is also great for the smaller cup sizes so make sure you check it out. Finally, we want to give a mention to Tommy Hilfiger. A household name who has been working to become more sustainable. This designer brand has a range of lingerie and loungewear made from organic cotton. Now aside from meaning the cotton is super soft and high quality, this also means that the cotton was grown without harsh chemicals. The farmers used natural processes to maintain healthy soil and reduce chemical pollution of the natural environment.


How else can I be more sustainable with lingerie?

Wash lingerie by hand – Washing your lingerie by hand is actually advised by most brands, to help keep your bras looking good and feeling great for longer. The washing machine can damage your bras and we know what that means … in the bin. See our washing guide here >

Wash bras with the right stuff! – When washing your bras don’t use your normal detergent as this can damage the fabric. Use a specific bra washing solution. We actually stock some bra wash which doesn’t even require water. The Soak Full Size No Rinse Lingerie & Swimwear Wash is eco-friendly, biodegradable and plant derived.

Call out brands – Although some lingerie brands are making positive steps towards a more sustainable future, some are not moving. Put pressure on those brands to make positive changes by gently encouraging them to do so on social media. Or why not drop them a message? If they have a team of great people, I am sure they will be happy to listen to your concerns. The more brands that make eco-friendly lingerie, the more sustainable bras we can sell!

Support brands that are trying – Stop buying your lingerie from fast fashion brands that are doing more harm than good and give your attention to brands trying. After Eden, Tommy Hilfiger, Pour Moi and Sloggi are a great place to start and are all available right here on Belle Lingerie.

Tell your friends & family – If you’ve bought some sustainable lingerie or learnt something great from this blog, then don’t keep it to yourself. One of the most powerful tools you have is your voice so use it. Educate and encourage your friends and family to invest in sustainable lingerie.

Treat your lingerie with respect – Simply look after your lingerie to make it last longer. If you screw up your briefs and launch your bras into a drawer, they will soon become damaged or tired looking. The more you look after your lingerie the longer you can keep it. That means you will buy less and reduce your waste.

Invest in high-quality lingerie – When you buy a new bra, don’t go for the cheapest on the market. Look for quality. Luxury or premium lingerie is made from better quality fabrics which are designed to last longer. Yes, it will seem like a big investment at the time but it will probably actually save you money in the long run.

Up-cycle your bras – Upcycling is on-trend right now but it doesn’t just apply to your furniture. You can up-cycle your lingerie to give old bras a new life. You can change the way you think about your old lingerie. For example, rather than throwing it away could you incorporate it into your outerwear for your next night out. You can experiment with old lingerie to change the style. You can actually sometimes cut the padding out of an old lace bra to make it a semi-sheer sexy piece.

Recycle/donate/return – If you don’t like your lingerie or it doesn’t fit, think before you bin it. Can you do something else with it to give it another life? There are bra recycling schemes so check that out on google before you throw it. Or maybe it’s not that old but you have fallen out of love with it. Can you donate it to charity or simply give it to a friend? If you have just bought from Belle Lingerie and you aren’t 100% happy. Simply fill out the returns form and pop it back in the post. We will receive your return and resell it so it can have a new home.

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