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Summer Big Boob Problems

Some suggestions to get you & your big boobs through Summer

Belle Lingerie11 June 2021

Summer Big Boob Problems

There are only certain issues that girls with big boobs will understand when it comes to the hot season – summer! Every busty girl is more than likely to face these issues, and if you are one of them, you can be reassured when you read this blog you are not alone. Having the warmth is so nice on your skin and let’s be honest, it’s nice not to plan out the thousands of layers in one outfit. But, the struggle is real for curvy women when the temperature starts to rise. Here’s just a few we can think of, off the top of our heads -

  • So many little strappy outfits & low necklines
  • Boob sweat
  • Finding a bikini that will stay in one place
  • Swimsuit sizing
  • Straps causing major tan lines
  • Sleeping on hot summer nights

Recognise them? Well, to help out slightly, here at Belle Lingerie we do have some solutions. Might not be perfect but it’s worth a try.

Little Strappy Outfits & Low Necklines

Summer outfits always seem to either have little straps, low necklines or some sort of cut-outs. Always something that isn’t suitable for women with big boobs. Big boob bras are known for having chunky straps and of course big cups to fit your boobs in. The big cups are unlikely to change however the straps can be a thing of the past. Why not go strapless for the summer. Strapless bras have come a long way for big boobs, and you can find one that is supportive and comfortable no matter what size you are. When it comes to sorting out low necklines why not get a bra that you are not ashamed of people seeing. Getting a bra for big boobs has often been limited and quite boring but not anymore. Get a fun bra from brands such as Curvy Kate that design fun and unique bras for big boobs. Even if your summer wardrobe is full of little straps and low necklines just get a new bra that you are not afraid of showing off or look into new strapless bras that are built with big boobs in mind.


Boob Sweat

The underboob sweat is real and so is the armpit and so is the in-between the boob sweat… In general, the boob sweat is a thing when the weather heats up and big boob ladies still have to wear a bra to control the boobs. We understand it can be so uncomfortable, itching and even distracting. Although we will say there is nothing really to get rid of it completely, we will recommend try to go as light as possible with your bras. So don’t bother with padding or moulded bras in warmer weather. Check out our full range of non-padded bras which ranges from an A cup, all the way up to an L cup. The sheer bras or at least semi-sheer is best to get good air circulation and to cool you down slightly.




Finding a Bikini

We’ve all been there when you’ve squeezed into a cute bikini to then jump into the water and the bikini is nowhere to be seen. If you have big boobs, you probably struggle to find a bikini that fits probably in the high streets because your ratio of cup size to back size is different to normal high street sizes. Why not treat yourself this summer to a gorgeous bikini off of Belle Lingerie that comes in cup sizes? We have a wide range of bikinis in your standard bra sizes so you can get the perfect fitting bikini for your holidays. If you get a good fit for your big boobs, you can rest assured that it’s not going to disappear when you dive into the sea or pool.







Swimsuit Sizing

Talking about high street sizing… if you have got uneven proportions with big boobs and a little bottom half, you have probably never found a swimsuit that supports and fits you right. There is nothing wrong with being disproportionate, but it can be a pain when it comes to swimsuits. Don’t panic though because you are in the right place, similar to bikinis forget the high street stores as it is probably best to get swimwear that is sized in bra sizes. Belle Lingerie has an array of swimsuits in bra sizes with brands that are focused on designing swimsuits to suit big boobs. Check out Curvy Kate swimsuits or Panache or Fantasie, all these brands will give you the support and fit you need around the bust while still hugging your bottom half. We will say though if you are really disproportionate then you are probably best to stick to tankinis and bikinis.



Major Tan Lines

Lingerie for big boobs is known for having multiple hook & eye fastenings and extra-wide straps, which is great for support and comfort but it can be a pain when it comes to summer and you are wanting to perfect that tan. Who wants huge tan lines right across your shoulders? Don’t you wish we could have the best of both worlds support and littler bra straps? Well, what we would suggest is why not go for strapless bras? There is an amazing range of strapless bras for big boobs, you’ll get support while you don’t have to worry about tan lines. Saying that however, straps for big boob bras are not as wide as they used to be! Why not have a browse through bras in your size and just see if there is a bra you fancy as you never know you might find one with thinner straps here on Belle Lingerie?




Sleeping in Hot Summer Nights

Ladies with smaller boobs don’t understand the real struggle in bed when it’s hot. Everyone always suggests taking layers off but if you’ve got big boobs, you are probably fed up with them clapping together, getting all sweating and rubbing together. We would never recommend wearing a normal bra in bed, but you could wear a non-wired bralette. Curvy Kate has even brought out a bralette that would be perfect – Curvy Kate In My Dreams Sleep Bra. This bra will be great for separating your boobs and sleeping comfortably.





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