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Should I Maximise or Minimise?

Should I Maximise or Minimise?

Belle Lingerie18 March 2022


Shopping around for the perfect bra can be so difficult. Here at Belle Lingerie, we understand the frustration of finding that 'perfect fit' and it's not as if bras are one size for all, all o our bodies are completely unique and different ins shapes and sizes. Therefore, the variety of choices on the market for bras is huge. It can become confusing and you may have asked yourself 'Should I maximise or minimise?' by this, we mean should you be wearing a maximising bra, that increases the size of your bust or should you be wearing a minimising bra, a bra that's designed to make the breasts stick out less and create a minimal look. In this blog, we're going to be discussing whether you should wear a maximising or minimising bra and why.




What is a minimising bra?


A minimising bra is a bra designed for women with fuller busts. A minimiser bra makes your bust stick out less, creating the illusion of a smaller cup size / smaller breasts. Unlike a compression sports bra, a minimiser bra compresses the breast tissue but distributes the breast tissue accordingly, enhancing the bustline.


Why should you wear a minimising bra?


There are several benefits of wearing a minimising bra. The first one is that it helps prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Have you ever experienced that gaping near your bust when you wear a buttoned shirt? Wearing a minimising bra can prevent this from happening. By minimising the shape and size of the breasts, your clothing is much less likely to pop open or gape!


Another reason why minimised bras are so good is that they are full coverage and prevent breast bounce. Minimising bras are designed to give extra support and coverage of the breasts, this full-coverage bra allows your breasts to be fully covered, reducing the risk of any bounce. When breasts bounce throughout the day, no matter what you're doing, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes even painful, minimising bras are a great way to reduce this from happening.


Minimiser bras reduce the appearance of the breast size, which can lead to creating a more proportionate figure. In fact, one of the most popular reasons women wear minimised bras is to reduce the size of their breasts to create a more proportionate figure.


The last and best reason to wear a minimising bra is that they're extremely comfortable. With their full cups and thick underbrand, minimiser bras are so so comfortable and will leave you feeling snug and supported all day long.



Now we've established what a minimiser bra is and the benefits of wearing one, we're going to discuss what a maximising bra is and why you should wear one.


To maximise your breasts you'd wear a push-up bra. People often choose to maximise their breasts when they want to enhance their cleavage.


Push up bras are half or demi cups that allow the deep cleavage to show under low necklines, making them great to wear underneath low cut clothing. Push-up bras are perfect for small breasts, as they push the boobs up creating a deep cleavage and an enhanced look.


Anyone can wear a push-up bra and you can find this shape in a large variety of cup sizes. Push up bras are great when you have a smaller cup size, but want the effect of a fuller chest.


Push-up bras generally provide more support, security, and comfort than traditional bras. They offer added lining and padding that help breasts of any size feel more supported and secure throughout the day. This extra padding also adds comfort for you whilst wearing this bra.


So to answer the question on whether you should maximise or minimise our answer would be that it entirely depends on your preferences and what your goal is. By reading this blog, we hope that you have a more established idea of your answer.

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