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Lingerie colours to suit your mood

How do lingerie colours affect your mind and body

Belle Lingerie13 July 2021

lingerie colours to suit your mood

The colour of your lingerie can play a huge part when it comes to your mood. Colour in general has power over both our conscious and subconscious mind, so the colours you buy and wear can impact you more than you think. Are there certain colours you always reach for when you get dressed in the morning? We may think we are simply choosing lingerie for practical reasons, for example, this bra matches my outfit. But what if there is more to it? This blog explores how colour can impact your mind and your body, so get ready to delve deeper and learn a few tricks. 

Does colour affect your mood? 

The simple answer is yes! Thanks to all the researchers and scientists out there, we now know that colour can have a huge impact on your mood, feelings, attitude and behaviour. How it works is we both consciously and subconsciously assign meanings to colours. Some of this is based on experiences. For example, our favourite toy as a child might have been pink therefore we now associate pink with feelings of warmth, comfort and security. But some colour associations are innate. A big one is the colour red as a warning sign. I won't bore you with the details, but some research suggests that this comes from our ancient ancestors and has been passed down through years of evolution. 

Anyway enough of the science stuff. How does colour in fashion affect you? Well, we all subconsciously gravitate towards certain colours because it makes us feel great. If you don't then maybe you should pay closer attention to which colour boosts your mood. Here are some popular lingerie colours and how they can change your mood.


Let's start with a bold one. Red is one of the most visible colours to the human eye. This means it grabs attention and keeps all eyes on you! Red is associated with passion, love and fire so it's no wonder that seductive lingerie is often centred around the red colourways. Red is sexy! It's strong, bold and fiery. But red tones are also linked with danger. Because it's the colour of blood and warning signs, red can lead to feelings of power or even fear (that's a bit extreme when it comes to lingerie). If you want to feel seductive or empowered, opt for a red lingerie set. Red underwear with certainly give you a confidence boost and make you feel like a saucy temptress. Shop all red lingerie here >


Black is probably one of the most popular colours when it comes to lingerie, but why? Some might say that we love black lingerie because it is practical and can be worn under most outfits as it is quite a modest colour. But what if it's more than that? Black is a complete absence of light as no light is reflected from black objects. This can make the colour black feel quite mysterious and alluring. Black draws the eye so when you wear black, it can pull the attention to that area of the body. This is great if you want all eyes on your cleavage. Black is also associated with class and elegance, so if you want to feel sophisticated or fancy, black is a great choice. Again black is a strong and powerful colour, perfect for those days when you want to own the room. Shop all black lingerie >


White lingerie is another popular choice when it comes to lingerie. We love a white matching set for summer, Why? Because it makes us feel fresh, bright and positive. Plus you can wear it under your lighter summer clothes. The colour white is associated with purity and innocence. When you wear white it can make you feel like you are floating on a cloud and full of positive energy. White lingerie can give you those angelic qualities and make you feel like a ball of good vibes. White can also be a breath of fresh air as it is simple and classic. The starkness contrasts with your skin and brightens your mood. White can also denote cleanliness, so if you feel like you need a fresh start, white lingerie can be a symbolic blank slate. Shop all white lingerie here >


Blue is a hard one to pin down to one feeling or mood. Like most colours, it has many meanings. Blue primarily is seen as a calming colour and creates a feeling of serenity. This is probably because it is found in nature such as the sky or the sea. If you are wanting a chilled out day, throw on a light blue lingerie set and see if it helps you stay calm. Blue is generally a positive colour and is non-threatening, with associations such as conservative or traditional. Blue is also the colour of trust which is why you find blue features in many brand logos especially in the financial industry. Wear blue lingerie if you want a feeling of stability. As we know, blue also has strong associations with negative emotions like sadness or isolation. Now we are not saying blue lingerie will make you sad, but if you are feeling down, may try a brighter and more vibrant colour to lift your mood. Shop all blue lingerie here >


The colour purple is rarely found in nature, which makes it an interesting one. It's a rare colour in the natural world making it mysterious and intriguing. Purple is often associated with magic, as it is sometimes connected with spirituality. So purple lingerie could help boost your mood and give you mysterious energy. Purple is also known as a royal colour, depicting wealth. Royals from many centuries ago would wear purple to show off their extravagance and regality. So purple lingerie could give you that feeling of luxury and appear expensive (even if it's not). We also love purple for its boldness. Purple can be associated with bravery and wisdom. So to summarise if you want to feel like a bold, unique, rare gem, give purple lingerie a try. Shop all purple lingerie >

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