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Bra Recycling

Recycle | Reuse | Redesign | Replace

Belle Lingerie20 April 2021

bra recycling


It’s known that bras, unfortunately, don’t last forever and that’s okay because you can always get a new one at Belle Lingerie at great prices. Just at the moment, we have over 4000 bras to choose from! But what should you do with your old one? If you are not keen on throwing clothing out, you probably leave your old wardrobe items with a charity shop, but you will already know charity shops don’t accept underwear. So, what other bra recycling options have you got? Well, here are a few arts and crafts ideas to re-use, recycle and redesign your old bras.

Firstly, before you go upcycling or recycling your bra have you got a replacement? You definitely don’t want to end up braless so have a browse through the Belle Lingerie big collection of bras. Here we have a wide range of bras; no matter your size, style, or budget there will be something in our online store for you. All you have to do is browse Belle Lingerie from the comfort of your own home and have your new bra replacement posted through your letterbox in no time!


Face Masks

There are so many different fun and crazy craft ideas to do with an old bra but let’s start with a very 2020/2021 craft – face masks. Why not create your very own face mask from your gorgeous old lace bra? If the bra is slightly padded even better. The mask sections can be made out of parts of the cups of the bra creating a rounder shape to fit your face. All you have to do is sew the pieces together and attach some elastic to fit around your ears. The beautiful materials will not only be stunning to look at, but you know is designed to be on sensitive skin already. If it’s good enough for your boobs, it’s good enough for your face.


Are your everyday bras not really giving you the support you desire for your everyday tasks but are still comfortable? Well, how about redesigning the old bra into something fun and sexy. You could add lace, or some sparkle to your old bra to create a brand-new look for your wardrobe. Or if the straps are just a bit too stretched out, but the rest of the bra is fine you could stick your bra into your favourite dress or top to give your outfit an in-built bra and more structure.

Fun Crafts

If your bra is beyond wearing, how about changing it into something completely different. Depending on your crafting and sewing skill level will obviously determine the extent of your crafting. A popular craft with bras is creating a scent pouch for your wardrobe. Fill your bra cups will some lavender or any lovely scent then close the cups up and you can get hang it up in your wardrobe for fresh smelling clothes! The bra will not only look lovely hanging amongst your clothes but will get rid of any nasty smells in your wardrobe. A similar craft would be making it into a handbag. All you would need to do is sew the cups up and adding longer strings for handles. Or something weirder and more wonderful, you could use your old bras as plant holders or dog toys! Pinterest is a great example of any craft ideas; we’ve pulled together some ideas here>

De-construct Your Bra

Your bra may not be wearable now but still has the gorgeous details that drew you in, in the first place. Bras often have stunning little details like a centre pendant or lacey straps, why not cut these pieces off and add to something else or create something new like a hairpiece or bracelet?

Time For The Bin

Finally, if your bra is beyond repair or not even useable for a craft, you can recycle your bra via a bra bank. Here in the UK, you can drop off your unwanted bras at a bra bank across the country to be recycled. The charity Against Breast Cancer is just one charity to encourage you not to throw away your bras for good. Check out where your nearest bra bank is here>




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