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How To Put Your Bra On Properly In The Morning

Read our blog for tips on how to put your bra on properly in the morning

Belle Lingerie17 December 2021

How To Put Your Bra On Properly

We all put our bra on every single day and you probably have your way of doing it. We all find our routine and what feels comfortable when putting on a bra, but have you ever thought you may be putting your bra on wrong? Well, there is no set in stone correct way to put your bra on but there are some best practices and techniques that can help you get a better fit and most importantly support your back and chest properly. If you want the best fit then give this blog a quick read and find the best possible and comfiest fit. These top tips could change your life when it comes to lingerie. You could be more comfortable even in a bra you have been wearing for years! So give it a go and see what you think.


First of all, are you someone who puts your bra on and fastens it at the front or the back? Neither is wrong as they both have their benefits. There are good points to fastening your bra and the front and spinning it around, it is probably; much easier as you can see the fastening. But, that action of yanking and spinning could be damaging your bras and cause irritation to your skin, which isn't good at all. Another disadvantage to putting your bra on this way is that is doesn't place your bra in the correct position to provide you with the comfort and support you need all day long. The straps could potentially twist and turn, the cups could be too low or high and the clasps and underband could twist, causing you a lot of discomforts. Although it's easy and we probably all (definitely) do it, it's not the best and most appropriate solution.


How To Put Your Bra On Properly

So,  the correct way to put your bra on is really simple and could save you from replacing your bras often and getting that unwanted irritation. First, start by front-facing your bra the correct way and placing both the straps on your shoulders, make sure the straps are both straight and secure on your shoulders, flat. Once you've got your bra on the correct position, fasten the hook and eye at the back to the correct position. This may seem hard, try practicing in front of a mirror for more guidance. Now that your bra is fastened and secure, scoop each breast into your cups, make sure your breasts are covered and supported by your cups and not spilling out. Try to aim for the nipple in the centre of the cup.


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Now that we've established how to put your everyday bra on correctly, it could be of some use to you to read about how to put on different types of bras. So, if you're skipping the everyday hook and eye fastening bra, then you might want to figure out how to put on your other options. Another very popular style of bra is a bralette. Bralettes are often thought of as being more suitable for women with smaller busts, but many styles are now being introduced for larger cup sizes, like the Sculptresse by Panache Embrace Wireless Bra. A soft, lacy bralette can be incredibly sexy and feminine, as well as being supremely comfortable to wear. For this reason, the bralette is becoming a firm favourite for those times when you want to unwind and relax at home, without the constrictions of a more conventional bra. So, if you love to wear bralettes or are looking to try one, here's how to put one on correctly. Bralettes can come with varied applications, like the hook and eye closing or the pullover method. We've already told you how to apply a hook and eye bra so now let's talk about pullovers. Pulling a bra over your head to wear it may seem easy but it's extremely important that you get the placement and fitting right. Firstly, place the bralette over your head and pull it down to fit comfortably over your breasts. Once the straps are straightened up and comfortable, scoops your breasts into the cups and make sure the nipple is centered to the cups and the breasts are covered and sit comfortably. Once you have your bralette on, ensure the band is not twisted and sitting comfortably, as you don't want to cause irritation or rubbing on the skin. Now that you know how to put on both a hook and eye and non-hook and eye bra, shop our bralettes here and indulge in comfort, simplicity, and great support!


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