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Lingerie Rules – How To Find The Perfect Fit

23 January 2014

When it comes to finding the perfect fit of lingerie, it’s imperative to follow a few simple rules. Almost 85% of women wear the wrong sized bra, and have in fact done so for many years. Listed below are five lingerie rules every woman should abide by:

Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

By no means do you need a man to make you feel sensual, instead wearing gorgeous lingerie each and every day will make you feel confident, independent and sexy – even if it’s only you that knows you are wearing it. Making sure that it’s comfortable and the right style or shape for you is only going to enhance the feeling of being a sensual, in-control woman. Furthermore, ensuring you’re wearing the correct fit will create a flawless silhouette.

When Unsure, Opt For Black

Black lingerie is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Aside from standing as the ultimate fashion staple, black is an extremely versatile colour and one that tends to flatter all shapes and sizes.

Get Measured Professionally

Some women have never been measured. If this is the case, now is the time to do something about this. However, it is important to visit a store you feel comfortable in. Once you know your size, you can then buy into lingerie brand that hugs you in all the right places, whilst lifting your assets. A good underwear set will have a beneficial effect on whatever you wear on the outside.

Buy A Tailored Ensemble

It’s important to understand that no individual is the same size on the top as they are on the bottom, which is why buying two separate sizes is a must. You may boast a slim 8 on the bottom half and a curvaceous C-Cup on the top half. Quite simply buying a size 8 in both pieces won’t do.

Take Your Man

If you’re lucky enough to have a partner who often treats you to a lingerie gift on your birthday or at Christmas, then it’s important that they are acquainted with both your style and your size. When you next decide to buy lingerie, let them choose it with you. This is one trip a man certainly won’t complain about and it’s a great way to show them what styles and brands you like.

Comfort And Support

Those who wear the wrong sized bra will experience a lack of support and a great deal of discomfort. Underwired bras can offer more support, but the wrong size can pull on your shoulders or restrict movement. A non-wired bra on the other hand will feel entirely different and while offering less support, tend to be made for comfort. Trying both styles for size is a must, as each style of bra will offer different levels of support and shaping.

For The Best Fit

If you’re unable to visit a store for a measurement, you should follow these few simple rules when buying a bra. The bra should feel firm around the body, and it’s important to adjust the straps to your preference. The breasts should be fully enclosed within the cups of the bra, whilst the centre front of the bra should sit comfortably close to the chest wall. Finally, it’s important to ensure a snug fit both under the arms and at the neck.

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